No fat biking allowed on Grand Beach Prov Park groomed XC Ski Trails

Jason Carter’s Post:

Recent post on our FBM FBook Group:
Fat bikes should not be on the ski trails at Grand Beach.

The signs of “no biking…” were removed last year by Parks due to our objections about them. The general rule of “no biking…” stopped pre-ski season and post-ski season riding. The signs were categorical and indefinite. So we clarified Parks’ position, and received the following on Dec 1, and posted it on FatBike Manitoba. So now that grooming has stared, snow bikes should not be using the ski trails until the spring when skiing is not pratical.

Special events/races can be held at GB according to their normal application process. As we’ve noted with Parks, controlling all riders is simply not possible. Developing single track trails is the best long term option for GB, but they will take time to become fully developed, communicated and signed.

Patience and consideration on all sides is the best approach at the moment.