Oak Ridge Fatbike Trail at BHPP is groomed and open: Thanks 2WR

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution:

Thanks to Wayne Bishop of 2WR and supporters the Oak Ridge Fatbike Winter Trail (it’s a summer MTB Trail) is groomed and open again after the recent snowfall!


Thanks Wayne for getting out there and grooming with your sweet SnowDog groomer (he has BHPP MOU approval to groom Oak Ridge)!

SnowDog at Falcon 2

The results are perfect!


Of note, after the recent big snowfall the trail was drifted in a lot and it took “C. Linton” getting out there snowshoeing around to begin the packing process.

Result was this – a good start at packing:


Of note:  If you and a partner are ever out snowshoeing on a winter multi-use Fatbike & Snowshoe trail (just like Oak Ridge is at BHPP), you might want to snowshoe together on the left & right of the trail to pack it properly:


Also, when you get ready to ride on the groomed trail, make sure your tire pressure is low (8 PSI or less) so you only compress the snow pack a small amount and ‘float’ along as opposed to making ruts and riding slower – YES LESS PRESSURE EQUALS FASTER!

FatBike Winter Trail Tire Pressure Poster copy

Btw, the Oak Ridge Trail has been commonly called Bur Oak in the past (because it starts at the Bur Oak Trailhead parking area where the Bur Oak paved Interpretive Path starts as well) – yah, I know – complicated.  But since that is what the BHPP Staff call it, so shall we and it makes a clear distinction between the Bur Oak paved self-guiding interpretive trail and Oak Ridge:

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 7.44.18 PM

Check out the Oak Ridge Trail Forks Map and Info – HERE and below:

Oak Ridge MTB - FB Trail Forks Map

There is MB Parks official signage displayed at the Oak Ridge Trail Head.  Below, I have added in Red some Letters & Bordering to emphasize that OAK RIDGE IS A WINTER FAT BIKE TRAIL and that lower tire pressure will keep the trails free of ruts!

Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign 2 FB Notes

So get out there and enjoy some sweet groomed singletrack fatbiking! 🙂

Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 38

Cheers, Fat Tom K