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2WR Announces: 2018-19 MB Fatbike Race Series & Social Events Schedule

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution (2WR) – it’s out on social media:

“As we kick off another start to an amazing season we have some new sponsors, tricks and additions.  New venues for races and rides.  So get on board and be prepared.  All New race routes and a lil secret trail special for the Moonshiner.

Race Schedule as follows …
Birch Mountain – Sunday, December 9, 2018
Falcon Ridge – Sunday, January 13, 2019
The Forks – Sunday, February 10, 2019
Bison Butte – Sunday, February 24, 2019

Social Schedule as follows…
Intro to Fatbike – Saturday, November 24, 2018
Global Day the 2WR Way – Saturday, December 1, 2018
Moonshiner – Friday, December 21, 2018

More dates TBD

Check out for more info”

2WR Banner

MB FatBike Race Series 2WR Poster

He He He … now that’s got me excited!  How about you?  Giddy Up Fatties! 🙂

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Oak Ridge Fatbike Trail at BHPP is groomed and open: Thanks 2WR

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution:

Thanks to Wayne Bishop of 2WR and supporters the Oak Ridge Fatbike Winter Trail (it’s a summer MTB Trail) is groomed and open again after the recent snowfall!


Thanks Wayne for getting out there and grooming with your sweet SnowDog groomer (he has BHPP MOU approval to groom Oak Ridge)!

SnowDog at Falcon 2

The results are perfect!


Of note, after the recent big snowfall the trail was drifted in a lot and it took “C. Linton” getting out there snowshoeing around to begin the packing process.

Result was this – a good start at packing:


Of note:  If you and a partner are ever out snowshoeing on a winter multi-use Fatbike & Snowshoe trail (just like Oak Ridge is at BHPP), you might want to snowshoe together on the left & right of the trail to pack it properly:


Also, when you get ready to ride on the groomed trail, make sure your tire pressure is low (8 PSI or less) so you only compress the snow pack a small amount and ‘float’ along as opposed to making ruts and riding slower – YES LESS PRESSURE EQUALS FASTER!

FatBike Winter Trail Tire Pressure Poster copy

Btw, the Oak Ridge Trail has been commonly called Bur Oak in the past (because it starts at the Bur Oak Trailhead parking area where the Bur Oak paved Interpretive Path starts as well) – yah, I know – complicated.  But since that is what the BHPP Staff call it, so shall we and it makes a clear distinction between the Bur Oak paved self-guiding interpretive trail and Oak Ridge:

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 7.44.18 PM

Check out the Oak Ridge Trail Forks Map and Info – HERE and below:

Oak Ridge MTB - FB Trail Forks Map

There is MB Parks official signage displayed at the Oak Ridge Trail Head.  Below, I have added in Red some Letters & Bordering to emphasize that OAK RIDGE IS A WINTER FAT BIKE TRAIL and that lower tire pressure will keep the trails free of ruts!

Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign 2 FB Notes

So get out there and enjoy some sweet groomed singletrack fatbiking! 🙂

Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 38

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Great Pics: 2WR’s Fort Whyte Fatbike Race – 25 Feb 2018

Posted for Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill and 2 Wheel Revolution:

2WR’s 2018 Fort Whyte Fatbike Race was an awesome success and you can see it all for yourself, right here at the Race Flickr Account:
2018 Fort Whyte Fatbike Race - Pictures Flickr Banner

Here’s a few to wet your appetite – enjoy!
















Awesome times were had and once again an impressive event put on by Wayne Bishop and his 2WR Team members and volunteers!

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Fat Video Time: 2WR’s 2018 Falcon Ridge MB Fatbike Race

Here’s a video I made using my new Mavic Pro drone and Go Pro camera at 2 Wheel Revolution’s Falcon Ridge Manitoba Fatbike Race held on 14 Jan 2018.

I’ve been really busy with preparations for upcoming fatbike adventures on Lake Winnipeg next weekend, but I found some time in the last few days to give proper editing focus to this video.

Conditions at the race were excellent but challenging with new snow that had been groomed well on wooded singletrack and open lake sections that also wound around the Falcon Ridge ski hill, up to the ‘Top of the World’ Lookout and across High Lake before returning to the ski chalet. At the chalet there was live music, hot cooked food and beverages to go with a casual and fun party atmosphere!

Best quote of the weekend about how was it out there? … Kathy: “Awesome – Winter Wonderland!”  Yes – IT WAS just that and more!

I hope this video captures the excitement, fun and community that is fatbiking and racing in Manitoba … all thanks to Wayne Bishop and his 2WR Team of members and volunteers!   Enjoy:

This should get you pumped for the next race in the 2WR FB Race Series, happening tomorrow Sun 25 Feb 2018 at Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg! 🙂

Sadly, I will not be able attend the race tomorrow 😦 … as I will be doing on a snowmobile recce and trail grooming day on Lake Winnipeg with big support from Kevin Champagne (his snowmobiles). 

Get your vibe on: 2WR’s Fort Whyte Fatbike Race – 25 Feb 2018

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution:

MB Fat Bike Race Series 2018 Banner

It’s a vibe ….. come get yours on . It’s the people, for the people and about the people.  Make a friend, make a rival and make your own path!

Register for the FortWhyte Alive stop [2nd of the MB Fatbike Race Series] in the heart of Winnipeg brought to you by Lake of the Woods Brewing Company
Park at the main lot get your bike and gear and spin to the Siobhan field house.  Two left turns and follow the road.


Get changed in the heated facility, leave your gear, change of clothes and race supplies at the field house.


Please Pre reg soon, so we can make sure we have lots of food for you! Don’t and I WONT guarantee you a lunch. Help me help you!

27858818_2040328612918388_3820316895421677668_nStoked to raise an elbow with you all!


Jade SignWorks is my hero …… great guys led by the one and only Mark Seel.
You know he is champion by the way he came through in the clutch. Another great friend of the 2WR, making sure you all are taken care of.  Thanks for the support, making 2WR stand out and most of all, pride in what you do.  Check these bad boys out.  And he doesn’t even do trophies! INCREDIBLE.

Wayne Bishop on SnowDog at Bison Butte Feb 2018

I’ve been busy grooming the Bison Butte sections and it’s setting up super sweet!



Thanks to Olympia Cycle & Ski and Bikes & Beyond for their continued support!

See you all soon!

That was a blast – 2WR’s Falcon Fatbike Race a Big Success!

Almost 90 racers took part in an awesomely successful and fun race out at Falcon Ridge Resort … all thanks to Wayne Bishop and his 2 Wheel Revolution Team of members, volunteers and a the good folks at Falcon Resort.  Check it all out on social media and here:

Falcon Ridge Race Video Thumbnail.2png

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Drone Pic 1

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Pic 1

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Drone Pic 12

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Drone Pic 15

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Drone Pic 18

Editor’s Later Addition:
I had the pleasure of using my new drone and my trusty GoPro camera to capture the all the action and fun of the race … here it is:

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Falcon FB Race Plate pickup: 7-9 PM 10 Jan 2018 at the Peg Brew Co.

Giddy up MB ‘Fatties’ it’s time tomorrow night to pickup our race plates for this Sunday’s MB Fatbike Series Race at Falcon Ridge!

So a few of us are starting our journey to the Peg Beer Co. for food, bevies and good social connecting by gathering at my place/Red River FB Crossing at 6 Bells (6PM) and riding to the Peg via Churchill Parkway.

Post Event Edit:
Good times were had by many and there was swag …

10 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 110 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 2

10 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 310 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 4

10 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 510 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 6

Great FatBike Racing times ahead! 🙂

Cheers, Fat Tom K

2WR Report: Good News from Falcon for Fatbike Racing Ahead

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution:
*Editor Note:  Wayne is referring to how awesome the fatbike trail grooming and support for his upcoming MB Fatbike Race on 14 Jan 2018 at Falcon Ridge Resort is looking …

“Out of my mind…. so happy and humbled by the support of my family, old friends, new friends and newly aquatinted riding mates. 
It takes so many people to make a success of these races. So many talented people that make 2WR what it is! 
Locals supporting locals….so many amazing humans have aligned for one day . You are all stars in my eyes. HUMBLED .Thank you for your time, vision, expertise and blessing!”

Falcon 8 Jan 2018 Report Pics 1

Falcon 8 Jan 2018 Report Pics 5

Falcon 8 Jan 2018 Report Pics 2

Falcon 8 Jan 2018 Report Pics 4

MB Fat Bike Race Series 2018 Poster

Race Plate Pickup Night – 10 Jan 2018: 2WR’s MB Fatbike Race Series

Giddy up MB Fatties … great times ahead for racing and riding (you can join the race as a rider as well – cool option) thanks to Wayne Bishop and 2WR with the first race at Falcon Ridge Resort on Sunday 14 Jan 18!

MB Fat Bike Race Series 2018 Banner

But first, join your fellow fatty racers and pickup your race plate on 10 Jan at 7-9 PM at the Peg Brew Co. and enjoy some beer, food, swag and stories!
FaceBook Event Here

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Having some Fatbike Fun Again: Thank You 2WR – Birch Race was Great!

Having fun again … we raced our fatbikes on the sweet flowing trails at Birch in the beautiful Pembina Valley … paused after the race to remember Alfred in silence and raised our glasses in his honour … then raised more glasses and enjoyed the spice of life!
Thanks Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill for this great picture and all your support bud!


Here’s G-Mac in action as viewed from my GoPro:

Birch Fatbike Race was awesome today!   Excellent flow, well groomed and yes, steep trails; along with great folks and good fun times! Thanks Wayne Bishop, 2WR and all the volunteers for making it a success … just what we all needed after a week plus of sadness after the tragic loss of our friend Alfred.

Leaders at race start






Gregory at finish line
G-Mac … always at the right spot at the right time!  Thanks bud! 🙂



My heart is still hurts, but my lungs and legs feel better and my soul is uplifted!  Thank you all for being such a great fatbiking community and terrific people!

Cheers, Fat Tom K



“Last Greatest Show on Snow”: 2WR’s Birch Fatbike Race – 19 Mar 2017

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution:

“The Last Greatest Show on Snow is stopping for our 3rd and final race at Birch.  Come out to what you expect … the best!  10 Km ride, 20km and 30 km race.”

Check out the Birch Race FaceBook Event:
2WR Birch 2017 FBook Event Pic

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Actif Epica: Final Update from the trail

Posted for the Actif Epica Trail Crew:

“Final update from the trail:

We were out marking the approach into the city last night starting at the lead up to the floodway. Snow cover was firm enough to drive part way down the road. The opposite end near hwy 200 is walk-in only so we hiked along the South side of the floodway, driving in stakes as far as the Crow Wing Trail signs. The trail has plenty of foot traffic near the public parking lot. Further East we encountered less foot traffic and were punching through the snow in places. You can expect the floodway to have a mix of soft and firm footing although the warm weather may result in more of the former.

Snow in the city has been melting and the forecast for Saturday is suggesting near or above freezing during the day with some cooling overnight but warming up again on Sunday. This is shaping up to be one of the mildest event days we have had in a few years but don’t worry, that brings its own set of challenges.

Two more sleeps! See you soon.

Trail Crew”

Actif Epica 2017 Final Trail Update Pic

See you all out there on the AE Trail.

Cheers, Fat Tom K

2WR’s Fort Whyte Fatbike Race was a Blast!

Wow!!!  That was a Blast!  Wayne Bishop, his 2 Wheel Revolution Team and a bunch of volunteers just served up a huge Fatty Race and Fun Fest!  Many local fatty racers and some just out to ride and check it out had a great day of racing, socializing and building community! I enjoyed myself immensely! 🙂

Thanks Wayne, your excellent family and 2WR Team!

Check it out in pics:

Wayne out for one last sweep of the course.
It’s a family endeavour with 2 Wheel Revolution. 🙂


Large crowd of excited Fatties! 🙂
Lou checking to ensure tire pressures are low enough to roll and ‘float’ on the groomed trails – not rutting allowed here.
Robert Paige and his Xtreme Sports Medics Safety Team are THE GO-TO Medic Team for outdoor sporting events in Manitoba and the cycling community depend on them – always!
Giddy up!
No pressure … really! 😉
Race time. 🙂
30K Experts ready to roll.  Adrian & Liam (Fat Levels Team) in the spot light.
‘Lou Fatinski’ Rolling His Fatty’ …
Jonathan’s all smiles! 🙂
Keith knows how to pop a wheelie (and ride a unicycle for that matter)!
Seriously, half a second later I was pop’n just like Keith! 😉
Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill doing what he does best – himself! 🙂
When the Race Organizer, Groomer and Director serves you free beer … you know you are spoiled and arrived in Fatty Bike Heaven!  Thanks Wayne! 🙂
Right on Janice! 🙂
Well done Christa!
G-Mac and Wayne … you can feel the love!
Well dressed Champions!

Yup – a total Blast indeed!  Can’t wait until Race three in the series … next up Birch on March 19th 2017 …

MB FatBike Race Series 2017 Poster - Birch Update

Trophies are on the line! 🙂

17098419_1872576363026948_2316474804524147415_n (1)

Cheers, Fat Tom K


2WR’s Fort Whyte Fatbike Race: Looking Great for Sunday, 12 Feb 2017!

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution:

“Froze my towkis off today … conditions will be great …..and super solid for the weekend! Registration closes Thursday night and all prices will be increased by 20 $. So log in at shop at now and sign up. We need your support to make things like this happen!  And if you can’t make it this weekend get some merchandise or donate to the cause.”

2WR 2017 Fort Whyte FB Race - 7

2WR 2017 Fort Whyte FB Race - 6

“So here you have it!!!  A great rock hard course 9.55 km at an average 30 minute lap! There is a out and back 2 way section to the Sterling Lyon Parkway!!  A mix of single, double track ,climbing and pathways.  You will see deer, bison and the leaders will definitely see a owl!  Please no riding on course until Sunday, we have worked our asses off getting this ready for all.”


So Giddy Up Fatties – see you all on Sunday!

Cheers, Fat Tom K