Hey Fatty

Fat Ian’s MFB Post:

Four or twelve people get vaguely similar bikes and they feel the need to talk about it.  Like seagulls flocking to a french fry dropped in a parking lot, they gather at trail heads, in bike shops and on blogs to squawk and fluff their feathers. It’s inevitable.  For Manitoba fatbike operators, the inevitable happens here.

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Comment 1:
Hey ‘FatIan’:
Great idea for a blog. As a recent proud owner of a sweet Surly Pugsley (thanks to one of the best mechanics at Olympia), I look forward to lot’s of Fat Tire riding and ‘fattening up’ this winter.  Sign me up. Tom K

Comment 2:
They didn’t call me motor mouth in grade school for nothing. Add me to the blabber list:)  Dallas S.