Global Fat Bike Day 2013 in Winterpeg

Today’s challenge in Winterpeg (sometimes called Winnipeg) is that the name often comes true. A couple of days ago, 17cm(6+ inches) of snow fell, with the temperature plummeting a day later. On the drive to the start of the GFBD ride, temperatures were -27C ( -17 F) with wind chill pushing things down to -35C, (it warmed to a balmy -24 at the end).


GFBD-Winnipeg-2 (1)

A surprise for all of us at this time of year. While many chose to snuggle with their significant others, a few brave soles started the ride at 6 a.m. with our usual ride out to Nick’s Cafe and back via the Harte Trail and then the Assiniboine Forest, Park and River edge trails towards the Forks.

A few of us ended at the Forks; home of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
Brrrr… ‘Winterpeg’ lived up to is nick name and we fatbikers embraced it!

Winter trail building

Fat Jon’s Post:

Hi everyone,

It has been over a year for me of not riding after a bad crash at Falcon Lake. It was way to long! I am looking to start back with some snow shoeing (trail building) and some winter single track riding. Bur Oak should be easy to keep packed with myself and a few friends out there weekly โ€“ the more traffic the better it is!

My bigger goal for the winter is to pack and build the winter single track at Grand Beach. I can only imagine how fun and beautiful the Grand Beach single track trail system will be! I canโ€™t make it out often enough to snow shoe and pack the trails. I am hoping Manitoba Fatbikers can get it done together.

Please share your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚