WNR and this Saturday

Fat KC’s Post:

First off, my condolences to the family and friends of Marty H.

Also, again thanks to all involved re: Epica.  WAS A BLAST!  …To those of you who missed it – give it a go next yr (solo/ team/ volunteer) you’ll have a blast too.

Any interest in a ride tomorrow (Wednesday) night?  Wherever.  I have a new seat (my seat broke during last wks ride) and will have a freshly charged light.

Thoughts re: a Saturday ride?  “I just wanna ride.”  Something local/ urban; something different.  I still haven’t ridden the Assiniboine Forest and have not been to Beaudry Park.  I’m also interested in a Red River ride (see previous posts) or another Lake Wpg ride.  20 – 80 kms…whatever works for people.  I was also thinking about Pinawa.  Snoman  trails exiting northeast section of town are shared between sleds, hikers and skiers.  Could do a bit of a fat bike loop there too.

Trouble in Ottawa

Fat MuddyGuy’s Post:

Looks like our Capital is in need of FATBIKE education. Share the trail. This is Canada in the winter. I’d hate to be told FATBIKES are not welcome anywhere in Winterpeg.
Check out… http://forums.mtbr.com/fat-bikes/fat-bike-access-story-ottawa-canada-838667.html

Remember to be a FATBIKE ambassador all the time. I caught myself disobeying a traffic sign while on my fatbike. Mental note was made.

This sport is new. And as much as we love it, there are people who hate and try to tear down something new because it is new and most likely different. Let’s not give them an inch, give them several feet. In fact stop riding all together to give the walkers the option of walking or waiting for you to ride past.

I stopped to let a couple walk past. They said carry on. I said pedestrians have the right of way. They smiled to each other and waved me through. Most of the winter enthusiasts are just like us. But don’t assume. I would hate to see politics or an accident on the trail paint an X on all our backs. There are many generations of FATRIDERS to come. Let’s usher in this new sport in a humble manner. Remember this is not cycling…this is FATBIKING!

Video: Fat tire riding the river trails with JC

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Made this little video from footage of fat tire riding with JC (alias FatJason) coming back from the Lindsay Gauld celebration at the Forks.  We rode the Assiniboine River edge trails from the Hugo St River Trail point all the way to Omand’s Creek.  From there we connected to the Ass. Park ‘Monkey Trails’, which were in good shape.  Nice to get to know Jason better and compare notes about tackling Actif Epica .
Good times 🙂

Lindsay’s 1 Million Kms Celebration Video

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Here’s a little video I made to commemorate Lindsay Gauld’s amazing achievement!
This video tries to capture the day of celebrations, the early morning start, the riding along the way and the hosted event at The Forks put on my Paul Jordan and MC-ed by comedian Peter Jordan.

I had the distinct honor and pleasure to ride out (with ‘FatCory’, Vern N. and ‘FatJason’) to Nick’s Cafe in Headingly this past Saturday morning to link up with others to congratulate Lindsay Gauld on his awesome feat of having cycled over 1,000,000 Kms!  After a little ‘million candled’ cake (courtesy of Vern & Doris N), a group of us made the ride back into town to link up with more riders on the way to the Forks. There, many more riders braved the -25C temps and rode in peleton style to a waiting crowd of enthusiastic supporters.

It was awesome to see the support and appreciation shown by many close friends, fellow cyclists and many Winnipegers! Close friend and faithful ‘man-servant’ Andy Lockery gave a moving speech, as did other hosts and dignitaries! Lot’s of clapping (muffled by big mitts!) and cheering for a REAL CYCLING HERO! WOW … 1 Million Kilometers (to the moon and back and 1/2 way back again)!!

This video includes some nice pics of Lindsay from various local blogsites (Olympia Cycling Club, WinnipegCycleChick and other interwebs) and my own, plus of course my GoPro HD video footage.

WNR Feb. 6th

Fat MuddyGuy’s Post:

I am planning a ride leaving from a Transcona or Elmwood location. KC, is there a location you could name? I will be inviting a fella named Chris who recently picked up a 9:zero:7. He also lives in Trans. Let’s make a plan via comments.

So the plan so far is Bikes and Beyond at 7 on Wednesday. Riding to Forks area then….

Lake Wpg Ride

Fat KC’s Post:

Rode Lake Wpg with a friend today.  Was AWESOME!  Could not have asked for a better day or better trail conditions.  Sunny.  Little wind.  Freshly groomed with little blow over.  Was very doable but still a work out (gentle to moderate pushing at times – does that make sense?).  55 kms.  -20C on the Lake

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 1
Hey doesn’t your mom work Saturdays at the Petersfield Motor Hotel?

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 2
Locals wondering what the…

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 3
Met the groomer and club member at the warming hut; were very hospitable.

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 4
Snoman trail leading to the Lake

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 5
Approaching the lake trail.

Lake Wpg Ride 3 Feb 13 - 6
Lake Wpg trail.

Oh yeah to our surprise (despite weak wind) we did not hear sleds approaching until they were almost right with us.  Wise to be +++careful riding single track sled trail.

ALSO I have a converted .crs file (.gpx file) for the Actif Epica for those with garmin handheld vs forerunner and edge.