The purpose of the Fat Bike Manitoba (FBM) website is to coordinate rides, races, events, and fat bike news, to celebrate what’s happened and share the fun all over again; to support trail development and other advocacy efforts, and to provide important technical information about fat biking for readers.


This site continues from the original ManitobaFatBike.com (MFB) blog created by Ian Hall and supported by other active members in the Manitoba fat biking community.   MFB blog posts have been archived into FBM.  Category tags have been added to archived items and new FBM posts in order to aid searching for specific information.   The history, lessons-learned, techniques and cool ideas arising from fat biking in Manitoba are saved here and are accessible to all.

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Fat biking has been exploding in popularity around the globe for a number of years now.  Here in Manitoba, fat biking has grown steadily since 2012.  Rider numbers kicked up a notch after the first Actif Epica winter ultra Race in 2012 on Manitoba’s Crow Wing Trail.


Even in the dead of night, our numbers continue to grow with regular trail rides.

Fattie Snowfest Foray 16 Dec 15 - 14Cory and Ken leading the pack

On weeknights and weekends, we travel to Manitoba’s parks or out on local trails for more group riding fun …

Mike H and Ken S cruising the near perfect conditions



… or we get onto frozen creeks and rivers like the Seine, Red or the La Salle.

1Mar 16 - Fat Bike on La Salle - D,D&T 3

2017 Wpg GFBD on the Seine - Blake's Pic 1

2017 Wpg GFBD - Tom's Pics 17

The Lake Winnipeg Fatbike “Polar Bear Crossings” and Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Adventures (including campovers on the middle of the lake), have shown us what can be done and the fun to be had on one of the most challenging and glorious lakes on the continent.

Gregory's Polar Bear Crossing 2016 Pics 1b

Gregory's Polar Bear Crossing 2016 Pics 2

2017 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover Map -Snowman #17 Trail




Map 2 - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover

Fatbikers riding out onto Lake Wpg 3 Mar 18 cropped

- 2018 Lake Wpg FB Event Collage 1

Poster Cover Page 3b - 2019 Lake Wpg Fatbike Adventure copy

2019 Lake Wpg FB Adventure - bikers heading out

2019 Lake Wpg FB Adventure - Day riders Group Pic

2019 Lake Wpg FB Adventure - Group Pic after sunset

2019 Lake Wpg FB Adventure - Camp at Sunrise

Our annual Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Rides have been great success stories! Against the stunning back drop of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights at the Forks or Fort Gibraltar, even more fat bikers have connected, shared stories and became motivated to explore the trails and join events and races in and around Manitoba.

Winnipeg GFBD Ride & FunFest 2019 - Banner 4

2019 Wpg GFBD Group Pic with logo

2018 Wpg GFBD Group Picture with logo

Winnipeg GFBD Ride 2018 - Banner 8b


GFBD 2015 Group Pic 1

6edit_5000pixshortedge (1 of 1)


Manitoba Fatbike racing took off in 2016 with the very popular Winnipeg Whyteout Race at Fort Whyte Alive right in the heart of Winnipeg!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 9.19.05 PM

Thanks to 2 Wheel Revolution we have enjoyed three years of the Manitoba Fatbike Race Series on groomed winter singletrack trails at locales like Falcon Ridge, Birch Mountain, Bison Butte-Fort Whyte, Oak Ridge at Birds Hill Provincial park, the Forks right in the heart of Winnipeg and soon Grand Beach Provincial Park as well as the North Gate Trails near Dauphin!


2019-20 MB Fatbike Race Series Poster

FBM will strive to:

coordinate fat biking in Manitoba by facilitating the arranging of rides, events and races;

celebrate the fun through stories, pictures and video distribution;

promote major fat biking events and races in Manitoba, the mid-western U.S., and around the world;

provide important technical information about fat biking for readers.

FBM will endeavour to:

support all people and entities connected to fat biking, while remaining impartial and neutral towards to specific bike shops or businesses!  

accept advertising or promotion of  rides, events and races that are connected with a business or bike shop.   Send us your event details with links and posters!  Please feel free to make posts describing your ride, event or race plans.

moderate posts and other communications for inappropriate content and language.

FBM wishes to:

encourage any fat biker to share adventures, enthusiasm and lessons-learned by posting through ride, event and race reports, or other stories, pictures, videos and comments.

invite fat biking Manitobans to become contributors  (posters) to the FBM website by simply sending an email (see Contact).

FBM reserves the right to moderate posts by suggesting changes, making corrections or removing posts or comments that are objectionable, contain inappropriate advertising, or that harass, insult or bully others.  In extreme cases, FBM may remove or deny access to the FBM website.

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