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Ride Report: Checking out WCW’s Fat Friday Destination Ride

Really glad I could make it out to Woodcock Cycle Works (WCW) tonight to join their “Fat Friday Destination Ride” that was lead expertly by Currie and Miles – well done guys! πŸ™‚

We had a nice group of fatties, one MTBer (hey ‘Muddy Guy’, where’s your FB? ;-]) and one skinny.Β Β 

We cruised some side streets, paths and bridges to the edge of the Forks area … all good until one newly modified to tubeless fatty tire went flat and we had a group ‘fix it’ session …

hmmm almost, almost … nope … two less riders in our group as ‘flat fatty’ and friend returned back to the shop. 😦

So off to the Assiniboine Park Duck Pond shelter we went …

The pitstop was nice on a cold night ride. πŸ™‚

Back to the shop via park pathways, Wellington, train bridge and quiet side roads …

Customary ride by the Legislature …

Hello Riel …

Here’s Miles pausing us for a drink/snack break …

Here’s Currie, Miles and Guy back at WCW …

Thanks again Currie and Miles for leading the ride and ‘Rolling with the Fat Flat’ to adjust our destination ride to the Duck Pond.Β  6:00 to 8:30 for a fun group ride!Β  Nice! πŸ™‚

If you are interested in WCW Fat Friday Destination Rides, then contact WCW or connect with their FaceBook Event Page HERE (or click image below):

Cheers, Fat Tom K

The Ice is Here


Watch your pressures. Husker Dus 3.8s are good on the summer pavement, good in winter in a straight line, but on an off-camber descent, be careful, because there is ice on the trail.

Yes I wiped out. Nothing major. No broken bones. I feel it’s good to wipe out, for if you do not get hurt too badly, it keeps your ego in check.

I will be switching to 4.8s Lou/Lou unstudded combo that came with my 2015 Blackborow. Great tires. Now is the time for the winter gear.

The Thursday night ride with the Woodcock Cycle club was a blast! Tim made sure everyone was safe, and the ride was short and brisk. We traveled North from the shop, first on Gabrielle Roy, then Whittier, Forks, and then back South down Churchill, over the St. Vital bridge, and back to the shop. It was a no drop ride so we stopped and chatted. Everyone was in good spirits.

Thankyou Coach Nic! See you next Thursday!


A Great Local Fatbike Ride with Some Friends

Currie and Miles led the Woodcock Friday Fatbike ride around southern Winnipeg last night, and it was a blast! There was a group meeting prior to riding and it was generally accepted that tonight nobody really wanted to get muddy, and that we should stick to paved trails/limestone as much as possible. We were alsoΒ  informed that the Friday rides are supposed to be a little more ‘low-key’ than the Thursday night’s single track rides, which can be intense.

Riding at night with lights was super fun, and it was a great way to spend the Friday evening with some friends and tear up the tarmac!

Thankyou Miles, Currie, and Curt! Curt’s strava of the ride is here

WCW: Fat Bike Club Rides – Starting 15 Nov 2018 on Thurs & Fri Nights

Posted for the Woodcock Cycle Works (WCW) Fat Bike Club Ride Leaders:

WCW Fat Bike Club Rides - Starting Nov 15th 2018 Pic copy

What is the Fat Bike Club?

We can always use someone to ride with and that’s what Fat Bike Ride Club is all about. It’s a chance for us to get on our bikes, enjoy the company of familiar faces and share that experience with you. Our rides are suitable for any cyclist and make it easy to get in your 2-hour training ride. Led by trained and experienced ride leaders, club rides are insured for your safety through the Manitoba Cycling Association. And when you register as a member of the WCW Ride Club you get a whole host of perks in store. Our first Fat Bike Ride Clubs will commence on November 15th and will run Thursdays and Fridays every week.Β Β For more info get in touch with us

Now if you haven’t been on a WCW Fat Bike Club Ride then just click on the FBM Website Blog Posts Category “Woodcock Fat Bike Group Rides” on the right column of the website.

You may also want to check out a little video called “Hang Loose” I made from one of WCW’s Rides last winter:

Cheers, Fat Tom K

2WR Announces: 2018-19 MB Fatbike Race Series & Social Events Schedule

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution (2WR) – it’s out on social media:

“As we kick off another start to an amazing season we have some new sponsors, tricks and additions.Β Β New venues for races and rides.Β  So get on board and be prepared.Β  AllΒ New race routes and a lil secret trail special for the Moonshiner.

Race Schedule as follows …
Birch Mountain – Sunday, December 9, 2018
Falcon Ridge – Sunday, January 13, 2019
The Forks – Sunday, February 10, 2019
Bison Butte – Sunday, February 24, 2019

Social Schedule as follows…
Intro to Fatbike – Saturday, November 24, 2018
Moonshiner – Friday, December 21, 2018

More dates TBD

Check out for more info”

2WR Banner

MB FatBike Race Series 2WR Poster

He He He … now that’s got me excited!Β  How about you?Β  Giddy Up Fatties! πŸ™‚

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Still Fatbiking on Lake Winnipeg

So Dave Cushnie (local fatbiker and avid fatbike single-track groomer – we appreciate his efforts at Grand Beach especially)Β has been posting some saweet pictures online as he continues to ride in the Grand Marais, Manitoba area including on still frozen Lake Winnipeg …

Dave Cushnie Fatbike - Lake Wpg by Grand Marais 2018 - 2

Dave Cushnie Fatbike - Lake Wpg by Grand Marais 2018

Dave Cushnie Fatbike - Lake Wpg 15 Apr 2018
Here a picture from today of Christian Rothney, Gord Buhr, Marty Roy and Dave Cushnie fatbiking on Lake Winnipeg near Grand Marais.

Thanks for sharing your rides Dave – looks pretty inviting to me!

Keep rolling your Fatties! πŸ™‚

Awesome Group Fatbike Ride & BBQ at Grand Beach Prov Park

Super casual group Fatty Fun Times were had out at one of our favourite group ride locations … Grand Beach Prov Park, Manitoba! Now that we have experienced a full winter of Fatbike-specific groomed singletrack trails at GBPP (thanks to Dave Cushnie, Marty Roy, Erich Enns, Kurt Lehmann, Wayne BishopΒ  and many more), we are full of enthusiasm for the future!
So today we rode, posed for pictures (and drone views), BBQ’ed and had fun socializing as a community of fatbike lovers! πŸ™‚

Enjoy these pics (a bunch are Gregory ‘GMac’ McNeill’s of course):

















11 GOPR0123-1





Great times indeed!

Cheers, Fat Tom K


Invite: Grand Beach Fatbike Group Ride & BBQ – Noon, 11 Mar 2018

Giddy up MB Fatties!Β  Thanks to Dave Cushnie and Gord Buhr, there is a call to gather at Grand Beach Prov Park for some Fatbike riding on FB-Specific Groomed trails with some BBQ Fest Fun to follow!

Grand Beach Group FB Ride & BBQ 11 Mar 2018 - Invite

Be ready to ride at the GBPP Winter (XC Ski) Trailhead Parking lot at Noon (12 Bells) tomorrow Sunday 11 March 2018 – Eh!

Take the East Gate exit to drive north when you approach Grand Beach Prov Park.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.16.35 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.56.54 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.08.20 PM


Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.58.09 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.06.47 PM

GBPP FB Ride 27 Mar 16-2

GBPP FB Ride 27 Mar 16-11

We will be riding on a Fatbike Single Track route that does not conflict with any of the XC Ski trails (since they are still being groomed and we do not have MB Parks access granted).Β  This route has been groomed manually by a number of good folks like Dave Cushnie, Gord Buhr, Marty Roy, Erich Enns, Kurt Lehmann, Wayne Bishop and others I may not specifically know to credit.

Grand Beach Group FB Ride Map

To ensure that you enjoy your trail ride and don’t sink into the packed snow too much (and create ruts), please bring a fatbike (3.7 inch wide or wider tires) and keep the pressure low (8 PSI or lower).

FatBike Winter Trail Tire Pressure Poster

After our ride we will enjoy our potluck BBQ (bring something to share) and chat about how great this winter fatbike season was and look to more fun ahead! πŸ™‚


GBPP FB Ride 27 Mar 16-47
I for one, will be bringing a few camp chairs, wood, axe, firestarter, stove, frying pan, meat and drinks for after the riding fun!Β 

See ya there folks!


Cheers, Fat Tom K


Ride Report: WCW Fat Bike Club Ride – 8 Mar 2018

Posted for Nicolas Robitaille (Woodcock Cycle Works Fat Bike Club Ride Leader):

Spotted a wild herd of fatties tonight!Β Β They had to set those tire pressures lowww this evening.Β  The monkey trails were still mostly passable… with effort.Β  A bit of a walk-a-thon in spots but we did get a lot of mount/dismount action!Β Β Great gang, perfect weather, and good times!

WCW FB Ride 8 Mar 2018 Pic

That’s a wrap: Camp Barr is closed and all Fatbikers are safely home!

After a truly EPIC day and evening of Fatbiking adventure and Memorial tribute to Alfred on Saturday, our main group of 20+ hardy fatbikers and Xtreme Sports Medics still on the lake, enjoyed a cozy -15C campover; all snug in our 4-Season dome tents and our double insulated tent complete with Field Kitchen and Medic’s station!

Blake Anderson captured the scene as we started to get ready to slide into our sleeping bags.
Okay, some of us stayed up later in our warm cozy double tent and shared stories of adventure!
Did I mention last night that even cold drinks hit the spot out in the middle of the lake at -15C! πŸ™‚
Robert Helms snapped this view as we were awakening after a windy night, to see the overcast skies and the expected snow squalls approaching.Β  Time to have breakie and pack up.
David and Keith were up and ready to roll – especially when I delivered the news that some snow squalls were moving into the Lake Winnipeg area.
Fortunately, while we packed up – our intrepid trio of Jonathan (Asst Guide turned ‘Asst Chef’), Kas (Medic turned Camp ‘Sgt-Major’) and Chris (CASARA Coord turned Camp ‘Field Major – Quarter Master’) were cooking up hashbrowns, sausage and bacon! Saweet! πŸ™‚
Did I mention BACON?!Β  It had been a while since I had seen Gregory ‘cry’ during breakfast! πŸ˜‰
Here’s some of our hardy group of fatbikers enjoying warm breakie in our cozy main tent.
Talk about your Team effort … Steven and Gregory help Keith with his breakie! πŸ˜‰
Hauling the Camp Barr gear and extras was made possible by good folks like Robert Paige of Xtreme Sports Medics – thanks Rob, you’re the Best! πŸ™‚
Here’s Kevin Champagne and Kas ready to take in a load of gear.Β  HUGE KUDOS to Kevin for all his support before and during our Lake Winnipeg adventure!Β  He came back out Sunday morning to help us haul in our camp gear quickly! You’re awesome Kevin! πŸ™‚
Our ‘Intrepid’ Asst Guide Patrick Stevens from England (via Sweden) agreed to let me record his thoughts about our adventure and I must say, with the backdrop looking rather ‘Polar’, it was not hard to imagine Patrick as a Great British Explorer of old! πŸ™‚


Taking down the RCAF flag that we flew in Honour of Alfred was not easy for me … thank you Chris Black for helping me!
Alfred … you are not forgotten … our friend and Rescue Brother!
Our good American friend Thomas Woods had his own emotional task to complete and once again Chris stepped up to help ensure it was done with respect and due ceremony!
Here’s Asst Guide Keith Holm leading the riders back into Grand Marais – followed by Steven Sloat and Asst Guide Jonathan Letkemann.
Blake Anderson and Marty Roy both pulled pulks (sleds) full of extra gear.Β  Blake even had ice fishing gear complete with auger – keener! πŸ˜‰
This little pop-up shelter was very important this weekend – the outhouse!Β  Look closely inside the door … I had one last nasty job left before pack up!Β  Thank goodness for air fresheners!
All packed and cleaned up!Β  Just a bonfire ring left at Camp Barr 2018 … be back next year!
Fatbikers approaching Grand Marais at the end of an epic three day adventure!
Safely off the lake before the snow and ice pellets arrived a few hours later (yes our one hour drive to Winnipeg went well)!Β  A hot meal at the Grand Marais Sand Bar Inn was a great way to wrap up the weekend with renewed friendship gained as adventurers! πŸ™‚

So much more to be said, more pictures and videos to share and media reports pending (CBC was waiting for us when we rode into Grand Marais).

Alfred – you have not been forgotten and we have continued on what we had discussed about getting fellow Manitoban fatbikers out on more adventures and passing on skills to allow people to not just Survive, but also Thrive!Β  RESCUE!

Alfred Barr RIP Collage

Cheers, Fat Tom K




EPIC times on Lake Winnipeg: Camp Barr to Gimli and Back

WOW!!!Β  Yesterday afternoon and evening was an EPIC adventure as our main group of Lake Winnipeg Fatbikers rode from Camp Barr to Gimli (for supper at Kris Fish & Chips – thanks Jeff & Candy Badger for the free drinks) and then back out to camp starting at dusk and finishing in the dark!

Map - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover 2

It was a real trek and had a few obstacles enroute (pressure ridge ice cracks); but well worth the challenge and it was safely completed, thanks to good ride guides (thanks Keith, Jonathan and Patrick) and support from Robert Paige and his Xtreme Sports Medics!Β  Here’s a few pics to tell the story …

Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 2
Here’s Assistant Guide Keith leading our main group out from Camp Barr along with Robert Paige escorting with his snowmobile and trailer (with ladders for any crack crossings).
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 3
Can you spot our Assistant Guide Patrick?Β  The Swedish flag is a bit of a give away! πŸ™‚
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 4
Here’s Thomas (Honourary Manitoban from Minnesota, USA) – glad you could join us bud! πŸ™‚
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 6
A beautiful vista!
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 7
We arrived at the large pressure ridge crack line, which was about 4 Kms out from the Gimli Harbour.Β  Kevin Champagne and I had recce’s the route the week before and our track lead to a safe crossing spot.
Finding a good crossing spot in advance of the ride was essential to our adventure.
Yup, that’s me on the other side of the pressure ridge … “come on over guys – It’s all good”! πŸ˜‰
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 8
G-Mac says “it’s not what it was cracked up to be after all”! πŸ˜‰
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 9
One more small pressure ridge near the Gimli Harbour approach.Β  Great place for G-Mac to snap some close-ups …
A bit early on the snap here of Patrick near the bump … can anyone get some air? …
YESSSSS!Β  Well done Assistant Guide Jonathan! πŸ™‚
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 11
Passing the Lake Winnipeg Research boat as we enter Gimli Harbour.
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 12
A pleasant view after a solid ride … the harbour and the town of Gimli! πŸ™‚
Kris’ Fish & Chips – our favourite Gimli food stop on all our lake crossings and thanks to hosts Jeff & Candy Badger (owners and Polar Bear Crossing Event organizers) we are always welcomed with a little extra (a free drink went down nicely)! πŸ™‚
Good food, good company and very good times! πŸ™‚
Saturday ride to Gimli & Back 13
We headed back out onto the lake at dusk.
The light was fading and we had a solid ride back ahead of us.
Time to hydrate, turn on the lights, prepare for the ride ahead and contact Robert to arrange for him to meet us via snowmobile from Camp Barr at the main pressure ridge crossing.
IMG_6646 copy
There’s Robert (in yellow with flashlight on the other side) assisting from the other side; while Keith monitors each rider from this side.Β  Teamwork – nice! πŸ™‚
Just a simple crossing … when you plan it and do it right!Β  Thanks Kevin & Robert! πŸ™‚
Speaking of Teamwork … while we were riding to Gimli & Back, Extreme Sports Medic Kas ‘Camp Barr Sgt-Major’ was prepping the rescue sled and helping prepare the camp for our arrival back!
Kas and the crew back at Camp Barr got hot soup and drinks ready and then lit the bonfire! πŸ™‚
The signal flares they launched looked really close to us as we biked back to Camp Barr, but it was a long night ride yet ahead!
Camp Barr was a welcome sight to us as we rode it to enjoy the comforts of our little ‘Tent City’!
Nothing like a bonfire to warm bodies after a chilly ride and raise the spirits too! πŸ™‚
Warm drinks and good company make for fun! πŸ™‚
Even cool ones hit the spot … especially when Team Leaders are toasting an EPIC adventure! πŸ™‚

That’s all for now.

Cheers, Fat Tom K



Amazing Day of Fatbike Adventure and Memorial Celebration on Lake Winnipeg!

WOW!!!Β  This was a wonderful day in so many ways for our “2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover”!Β  We had another 20+ fatbikers join our already 16 active fatbikers and Leaders Team today as we rode out from Grand Marais – with additional escorts from RCAF 435 Squadron (three SAR Technicians on snowmobiles – with a couple dogs) and made our ways to ‘Camp Barr’ on the middle of the lake.Β  There we held a Memorial Service to honour or lost friend, fellow MB Fatbiker and RCAF SAR Technician MCpl Alfred Barr!

So much to say, but for now here are a few pictures and some drone aerial views of the adventure today (more on the crossing to Gimli and back during the night later):

- Gregory's Sunrise with frosty bikes Pic
Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill’s beautiful picture of the sunrise this morning as our Leaders Team got ready to ride back into Grand Marais to meet the 20+ fatbikers meeting us for breakfast and to join the adventure!
Time to get ready to roll …
25841865657_48630a13fb_o (1)
G-Mac’s picture of us riding in with me escorting on one of Dave MacDonald’s snowmobiles – thanks Dave!
Back at Grand Marais, Janice was not to happy that she couldn’t stay for the rest of the adventure, but I assured her we would do it all again next year – hugs all around! πŸ™‚
20+ riders joined in for today ride out to Camp Barr and half of them stayed for the rest of the adventure beyond to Gimli and back to camp.
26841919948_32e049e681_o (1)
Yes, that is my snowmobile ride for the morning … let it be known that Fat Tom K made full use of Dave’s sled to guide and position myself to fly my drone to capture the story!
So out onto Lake Winnipeg we went and our fatbiking friend from the USA, Thomas Woods captured the start with this nice view.
Here’s my view of the fatbike ‘gang’ heading out on the lake.
Done - side view of bikers in line riding out to camp cropped
A drone view of the Saturday group heading out on the open lake.
Fatbikers riding out onto Lake Wpg 3 Mar 18 cropped
Here they are close up … Kurt and Rick leading with Artur and Michelle right behind.
Done - top view of bikers in line riding out to camp
The drone view of the group taking a break and checking out a ‘low snow’ area.
Here’s G-Mac (on the other side of the camera lens for a change) riding with Steffi.
We stopped to check out lots of ice chunks.
Here Kim seems to be setting Dave up for launch! πŸ˜‰
Here’s our three supporting RCAF SAR Techs (on their dogs) with Steffi who fatbiked out with us for the Memorial Ceremony, our group lunch and then back into Grand Marais – awesome!
Sunny skies and light winds made chat time rather pleasant today! πŸ™‚
Group break with our SAR Tech snowmobile escorts.
As we approached Camp Bar, our welcoming party (Medic Kas holding a signal smoke) were waiting with hot food, signals and Scottish Highlands music playing (Alfred’s fav)!
Dave Bell captured this view as he rode up to Camp Barr.
Drone - Low View 1
Drone view of all the fatbikers and escorts arriving at Camp Barr!
Drone - Keith Holm on Fat Uni-Cycle copy
Can you spot Keith Holm (one of our Assistant Guides) riding on his fatbike unicycle (hint – the shadow shows!).Β  Yes, those are empty KFC buckets in the fire pit (they burn great)! πŸ™‚
Drone - High Wide View
Here’s the full scene from high above.Β  Camp Barr site was chosen for the good snow pack area, the nice protruding ice chunks nearby (they just look cool) and a slight bowl indent.
Map - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover 2
We had a couple tents and a pop-up fishing shelter in reserve for Saturday night, but due to some folks camping over on different nights, they were not needed this year.
We paused to remember Alfred and how he had impacted our lives and been a positive part of our Manitoba Fatbike Community!
Alfred – you have not been forgotten!Β  RESCUE
- Group Picture Gregory's - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover
Here’s G-Mac’s 2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Adventure Memorial Group Photo.
It was an important time to remember and share memories.Β  Here I am chatting with my friend and former RCAF SAR Tech Dave MacDonald.Β  He and I served together and carried out rescue missions together when I flew C-130 Hercules aircraft at 435 Transport & Rescue Squadron and he took the big risks parachuting out of them and carry direct medical and rescue activities.
For some it was a time to reconnect and share the loss felt more deeply!
We all took our turn signing Alfred Barr’s Royal Canadian Air Force Flag.
Then we enjoyed good food together …
… and savoured the moment! πŸ™‚
We enjoyed our time together at Camp Barr and then the ‘day trippers’ rode back into Grand Marais with SAR Tech snowmobile escort and our main group prepared to ride to Gimli in search of Kris Fish & Chips for supper and a ride back out to the camp for the night!

That’s all for now – more to follow …

Cheers, Fat Tom K



Good Morning from ‘Camp Barr’ at the Middle of Lake Winnipeg!

Good morning from the middle of Lake Winnipeg and a cozy ‘Camp Barr’ Leader’s Team and hardy fatbikers who slept over with us last night!Β  It was a clear and crisp -20C over night, but we were all snug in our 4-Season tents and we awoke to a beautiful sunrise.

Here’s a few pictures taken by a few of us:

Sat AM 3 Mar 2018 - Lake Wpg FB Camp - 1
Steven Sloat snapped this one showing all the ‘hoar’ frost built up overnight (cold and moist air)!
Sat AM 3 Mar 2018 - Lake Wpg FB Camp - 2
Patrick Stevens from Sweden snapped this one jus before sunrise of our frosty bikes.Β  That’s his borrowed bike (Lori’s Mukluk) with the green helmet (notice the Swedish flag).
Sat AM 3 Mar 2018 - Lake Wpg FB Camp - 4
Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill (our Official Lake Winnipeg Adventure Photographer) took this amazing portrait of Leela the morning after her 50th Birthday adventure and party! πŸ™‚
Sat AM 3 Mar 2018 - Lake Wpg FB Camp - 5
G-Mac also took this great picture of Steven Sloat adjusting his gear at sunrise!
Sat AM 3 Mar 2018 - Lake Wpg FB Camp - 3
Blake Anderson captured this excellent sunrise view of Camp Barr – complete with the Cdn Flag!
Sat AM 3 Mar 2018 - Lake Wpg FB Camp - 7
Janice says goodbye to Camp Barr this morning.Β  She was able to join us later in the evening last night before dark (escorted out by Dave MacDonald and me).Β  She has to head back into town after an early breakfast at the Sand Bar Inn, where we will be meeting those (20+) riders joining our adventure this morning!

That’s all for now.Β  Heading back into Grand Marais.

Cheers, Fat Tom K



Leader’s Report: Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Campsite is ready!

Today’s trip out from Grand Marais to our Lake Winnipeg Fatbike campsite went really well!Β  We overcame a few challenges (quad and sled issues), had a fun bike and snowmobile ride out to the pre-chosen site and our little ‘Tent City’ on the lake is all set up, well provisioned (yes, there will be KFC leftovers for those of you coming out to join us tomorrow) and cozy!

So much to say, but I will let the pictures speak for now …

Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 1
Leaders Team pre-ride lunch at the Sand Bar Inn in Grand Marais.Β  Other riders joining our Team included David, Kathy, Steven and Leela (Birthday Gal!) and two Robert Paige’s Xtreme Sports Medics (Kas and Natasha).Β  We even had Darcie drop by to wish us well. πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 2
Lots of well-lit overnight parking available beside the Sand Bar Motor Inn.
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 3
Robert Paige’s offer of free support by his Xtreme Sport Medics Team came complete with multiple vehicles, transport options and rescue-evacuation capabilities!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 3b
Xtreme Sports Medics Rock!Β  Thanks Robert! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 4
Everything loaded and ready to roll! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 5
Leading the way and hauling gear was Kevin Champagne – our key supporter in 2017 and again this year!Β  Much thanks Kevin! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 6
Patrick Steven’s, one of our Assistant Guides, came all the way over from Sweden to join in the adventure and fun! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 7
There Robert Paige hauling camp and rescue gear!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 8
Kathy had no doubts as to whether she was ready for the challenge! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 9
STOP sign?Β  TRAIL CLOSED?Β  Not to worry, the SnoMan Snowmobile Trail across the lake was closed, but our route went went a different route – groomed ourselves.
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 10
Now that’s more like it … off to the middle of the lake! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 11
Here’s Chris Black (our CASARA Coordinator & Camp ‘QuarterMaster’) and me heading out.
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 12
You are all going to want to get your picture taken by these ice chunks we pass by enroute to camp.Β  I only have this iPhone picture of myself, but I am sure Gregory will capture better ones!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 13
Setting up our campsite – just as we practiced on the frozen Red River a few weeks ago.
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 14
It was a real team effort! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 15
Voila!Β  Camp Barr is all set up with a few flags flying (RCAF flag to be signed by all and Canadian of course) already.Β  Tomorrow we will be adding a UK ‘Union Jack’ for Steven and an American for Thomas! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 16
Our Xtreme Sport Medics (Natasha, Kas and Robert) Safety Team are happy to join us! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 17
Dave MacDonald (President of ICSOS – Survival Instructor and former RCAF 435 Squadron mate of mine) and Chris Black discussing plans for tomorrow.Β  What a Leaders Team we have!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 18
Dave MacDonald’s snowmobiles and sled came in very handy today – thanks bud!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 19
Having time to settle in before sunset was a bonus!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 20
A priceless view from the middle of Lake Winnipeg!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 21
Nothing better than a rip roaring bonfire at any campsite!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 22
Mind you our cozy main double-tent (insulated, lit and hot drinks on) was a nice refuge! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 23
Did I mention the Birthday Gal?Β  Leela found a great way to celebrate 50 years of adventure! πŸ™‚
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 24
Yes, there will be some cold KFC leftovers for tomorrow!
Friday Leaders Ride Out & Campover 25
Thanks Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill for capturing this beautiful scene as we tucked into our cozy sleeping bags for the night!

Thats all for tonight!

See you tomorrow at the Sand Bar Inn at 9:00 AM for breakfast and then our large group ride out to camp (should be 35+ of us)!

Cheers, Fat Tom K