CBC’s John Sauder interviews Fat Tom K before ‘Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Campout’

Robert Paige (President of Xtreme Sports Medics and our weekend Safety manager) got called away from town yesterday, so it was just me (and my Mr. Moonie) being interviewed by John Sauder doing a weather intro and talk about the 2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover event, Fatbikes, the Alfred Barr Memorial part and how we will deal with any snow forecasted for the weekend (no biggy).

Mr Moonie at CBC

CBC’s John Sauder is great interviewer, a gentleman, a supporter of the RCAF (he has been an Honorary Colonel of 402 Sqn and 2 Cdn Air Division) and he appreciated the importance of the Alfred Barr Memorial aspect of the event.

Check out the video – Click the picture below or here (2 short ads first):
CBC News: Fatbikers head to middle of Lake Winnipeg for campout

CBC's John Sauder interviews Tom K before 2018 Lake Wpg Fatbike Campout - Pic copy

See you all out at one Lake Winnipeg this weekend for biking and camping on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (any or all days) … all rides head out from Grand Marais (Sand Bar Inn).

Cheers, Fat Tom K



Fatbike ‘Loaded Rigs’ Ready for Lake Winnipeg Adventures

Well with all the different ride and camping options this weekend for the “2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover” adventure on Lake Winnipeg, you know there are going to be a lot of crafty Fatbike ‘Loaded Rigs’!

Lake Wpg Crossing Fat Bike Rigs 3

Well then, let’s check’m out:

Jonathan's Fat Bike Rig
Jonathan Letkemann’s rig from last year’s on Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover.  Jon’s returning this year as one of our Assistant Guides.
Keith's Fat Bike Rig
Keith Holm’s rig from last year’s on Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover.  Keith’s also returning this year as one of our Assistant Guides.
Tom K's Fat Bike Rig
I will be riding my ‘Mr Moonie’ Surly Moonlander rig kitted out much like this.
Steven Sloat's Fat Bike Rig
Steven Sloat from ‘Westman’ will be bringing his fully equipped Salsa Mukluk.
Blake Anderson's Fat Bike Rig
Blake Anderson has his fatbike all kitted out but their are rumours of a pulk being towed …
Ken Stojak's Fatbike Pulk
What’s a pulk you say?  Here’s Ken Stojak’s from last year’s Lake Winnipeg trip.
Jeff Hobden's Fat Bike Rig
Jeff Hobden’s Fat Bike Rig is kitted out to ensure he will be warm for several nights!
Kurt Lehmann's Fat Bike Rig 2
Kurt Lehmann’s Fat Bike Rig looks ideal for joining us for one night of camping.
Thomas Woods' Fat Bike Rig
Our winter ultra racer friend Thomas Woods is joining us from the USA this year! 🙂
Dave Bell's Fat Bike Rig
Dave Bell is joining in this year for only the Saturday ride out to the campsite and back in, so he is kitted out with enough gear for the day.  Mind you our fully kitted camp, rescue medics and snowmobile escorts will ensure any unexpected adversities are no issue.

Lake Wpg Crossing Fat Bike Rigs 1

So there you go, just a quick peek at a few of the 35+ fatbike rigs that will be on Lake Winnipeg this year.


Good times ahead and an important Memorial Adventure for Alfred are ahead!


Great Pics: 2WR’s Fort Whyte Fatbike Race – 25 Feb 2018

Posted for Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill and 2 Wheel Revolution:

2WR’s 2018 Fort Whyte Fatbike Race was an awesome success and you can see it all for yourself, right here at the Race Flickr Account:
2018 Fort Whyte Fatbike Race - Pictures Flickr Banner

Here’s a few to wet your appetite – enjoy!
















Awesome times were had and once again an impressive event put on by Wayne Bishop and his 2WR Team members and volunteers!

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Recce Report: Conditions look great for our upcoming Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Adventures

Very interesting and successful Lake Winnipeg Recce!  Huge thanks to Kevin Champagne and his wife Louise, who arranged for a third snowmobile for me to ride as we rode out from Grand Marais toward Gimli.

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 1

We had to find an initial crossing point just west of Grand Marais through a field of ice chunk pop ups and minor pressure ridge – no problem. 

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 4

Pretty good conditions on the lake with plenty of snow on otherwise clear ice and sections of snow drift but not too deep.

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 2

Found a nice campsite with a bowl of snow surrounded by big and small ice chunks sticking up and one large one at the ‘entry’! 

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 3

Good track made all the way about 85% across and then we came to a large and long (NE-SW) pressure ridge that was dicey to cross without a ‘ramp-plank’ (we can arrange that for Saturday). You could see the harbour area in general but it’s still about 4 Kms.

Map - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover 2

Anyways we cruised back over our same tracks and hopefully the mild conditions this week with overnight -10C ish temps will bond the snow to the ice and firm up the track we made.

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 0

Big Picture – looking good!   We will need to monitor the weather and make a few provisions, but the basic plan still looks fine!

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Fat Video Time: 2WR’s 2018 Falcon Ridge MB Fatbike Race

Here’s a video I made using my new Mavic Pro drone and Go Pro camera at 2 Wheel Revolution’s Falcon Ridge Manitoba Fatbike Race held on 14 Jan 2018.

I’ve been really busy with preparations for upcoming fatbike adventures on Lake Winnipeg next weekend, but I found some time in the last few days to give proper editing focus to this video.

Conditions at the race were excellent but challenging with new snow that had been groomed well on wooded singletrack and open lake sections that also wound around the Falcon Ridge ski hill, up to the ‘Top of the World’ Lookout and across High Lake before returning to the ski chalet. At the chalet there was live music, hot cooked food and beverages to go with a casual and fun party atmosphere!

Best quote of the weekend about how was it out there? … Kathy: “Awesome – Winter Wonderland!”  Yes – IT WAS just that and more!

I hope this video captures the excitement, fun and community that is fatbiking and racing in Manitoba … all thanks to Wayne Bishop and his 2WR Team of members and volunteers!   Enjoy:

This should get you pumped for the next race in the 2WR FB Race Series, happening tomorrow Sun 25 Feb 2018 at Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg! 🙂

Sadly, I will not be able attend the race tomorrow 😦 … as I will be doing on a snowmobile recce and trail grooming day on Lake Winnipeg with big support from Kevin Champagne (his snowmobiles). 

Ride Report: WCW’s Fat Bike Club Ride – 22 Feb 2018

Posted for Nicolas Robitaille – WCW Ride Leader:

Had a fantastic Woodcock Cycle Fat Bike Club group ride tonight!

WCW FB Ride 22 Feb 2018 - 1 copy

The trails were mostly well travelled and the weather was forgiving.

WCW FB Ride 22 Feb 2018 - 2

Stuck mostly to the monkey trails and got some technical riding in.

WCW FB Ride 22 Feb 2018 - 3

The crew had lots of fun tonight!

Get your vibe on: 2WR’s Fort Whyte Fatbike Race – 25 Feb 2018

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution:

MB Fat Bike Race Series 2018 Banner

It’s a vibe ….. come get yours on . It’s the people, for the people and about the people.  Make a friend, make a rival and make your own path!

Register for the FortWhyte Alive stop [2nd of the MB Fatbike Race Series] in the heart of Winnipeg brought to you by Lake of the Woods Brewing Company
Park at the main lot get your bike and gear and spin to the Siobhan field house.  Two left turns and follow the road.


Get changed in the heated facility, leave your gear, change of clothes and race supplies at the field house.


Please Pre reg soon, so we can make sure we have lots of food for you! Don’t and I WONT guarantee you a lunch. Help me help you!

27858818_2040328612918388_3820316895421677668_nStoked to raise an elbow with you all!


Jade SignWorks is my hero …… great guys led by the one and only Mark Seel.
You know he is champion by the way he came through in the clutch. Another great friend of the 2WR, making sure you all are taken care of.  Thanks for the support, making 2WR stand out and most of all, pride in what you do.  Check these bad boys out.  And he doesn’t even do trophies! INCREDIBLE.

Wayne Bishop on SnowDog at Bison Butte Feb 2018

I’ve been busy grooming the Bison Butte sections and it’s setting up super sweet!



Thanks to Olympia Cycle & Ski and Bikes & Beyond for their continued support!

See you all soon!

FaceBook Event: 2-4 Mar 2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover

Giddy up fellow fatbikers, our Leaders Team has finished our planning and details have come together for an excellent adventure and Memorial Event in Honour of Alfred Barr. 

Check it out here:
FaceBook Event: 2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover


Map - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover

Tom Kolesnik - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Actif Epica Race: Views from the Roving Responders

So with all my planning and preparations for upcoming fatbike adventures on Lake Winnipeg, I decided to not race Actif Epica this year and return to my Roving Responder role again. 

Lucky for me Steven Sloat (former AE fatbike racer) decided to come out from West Man to also support AE; so he stayed over at my place and we teamed up.

2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 0c
First up – the Actif Epica Pre-Race Meeting at the Forks the night before – no nervous folks there at all! 😉
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 0d
There’s Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill (fellow MB fatbiker & photographer extraordinaire, who decided to race on foot this year – 162 Kms!) and Steven Sloat (fellow Roving Responder).
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 0 copy
Roving Responder preparations are very detailed and ‘exhausting’ – so of course we needed to be well hydrated! 😉
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 0b
Good thing racers were also using GPS – mostly …
2018 AE - Cyclist 200 Start
Start of the 200 Km (new option for 2018) for the cyclists.
AE 2018 Race - XSM Ambulance, Truck & Snowmobile
The real ‘Safety Team’ Roving Responders was the Xtreme Sports Medics headed by Robert Paige (XSM President) and medics Kas & Natasha (who are also going to be out on Lake Winnipeg on 2-4 March for our “2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Crossing & Campover”.
AE 2018 Robert Paige - Xtreme Sports Medics Roving Responder
Here’s Robert Paige in action at one of AE’s Check Points (making sure all racers are doing well enough to continue safely)!
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 3
This when the roving responders and safety team are at their most important!
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 1
Here’s MB Fatbikers Dan Lockery & David Ristau (Finished 1st & 2nd the 200 Km Race!) riding off the Floodway to be met by Steven & me.
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 1b
Dan & David seemed very happy to see us after the long, completely dark and exposed section along Schapansky Road and the Floodway!
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 2
Here’s Ryan Haug (3rd 200 Km) stopping in for some Floodway hospitality.
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 4
Here’s Mb Fatbiker KC Turczak, who finished tied for 5th (200 Km) with fellow MB Fatbiker Pete McAdams (oops – no flash – no picture).
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 5
I snagged this picture collage from KC’s social media posts.  Very impressive KC! 🙂
AE 2018 Gregory Finish with Robert Xtreme Sports Medic
Think yer winter rugged tough?  Check out Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill finishing AE 162 Kms (yup, 100 miles!) on FOOT after pressing on for 34 Hrs & 51 Minutes!!!  Btw, that’s Roving Medic Robert Paige giving G-Mac congrats after keeping on eye on him for many hours!
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 6
So what do two exhausted Roving Responders eat after AE?  A proper meal of course! 😉

Check out the full 2018 Actif Epica Race Results HERE

Cheers, Fat Tom K


Actif Epica Race is underway: Check it out Live on-line or in Person

Posted for the Actif Epica Crew:

Returning again this year, we will be hosting a live blog for the Actif Epica race weekend with links to our social media, live timing and race updates.  http://live.actifepi.ca/welcome-to-the-actif-epica-2018-li…/


This year’s Actif Epica Spectator’s guide brought to you by Tetro Design (http://www.tetrodesign.com/) is now available to download for spectators, support crews, or anyone that is interested in finding out more about our event and the route. The guide is available here: http://actifepi.ca/spectators-guide/

Actif Epica Website Thumbnail

Some of local fatbikers and previous AE racers will be active today and into the night as Roving Responders (I’m partnering with fellow Westman Fatbiker and AE Finisher Steven Sloat who’s coming out all the way from Shilo!).

Plus Robert Paige and his Xtreme Sport Medics Team will be there to ensure that everyone is safe!
Actif Epica 2016 - 6
Xtreme Sports Medics SUV om Lake Wpg

Cheers, Fat Tom K



Fat Video Time: Campsite Trial Setup for the 2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Wpg Fatbike Crossing & Campover

It was time to trial our planned Camp Site setup for the “2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover” adventure weekend planned for 2-4 March 2018.

Tenting Base Camp Layout - Lake Wpg Fatbike Campover 2018

At the centre is a Double Combo large tent that will be heated for our main communal retreat, plus five 6-Person tents, two large ice fishing pop up shelters for cooking & eating, plus a small shelter for our Toilet Tent.  Additional 2-6 Person tents will be added as required.

Trial Campsite Setup Video Thumbnail

This trial was a good way for our Leaders Team to check out the set up procedures and make any corrections (such as more guy ropes).  We all agreed that the tents and shelters work great and are quite easy to set up and secure with the right stakes and ice screws.

Tent City Camp Site

Check out my video below:

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Ride Report: WCW Fat Bike Group Ride – 15 Feb 2018

Posted for Nicolas Robitaille of WCW:

Another fun Woodcock Cycle Fatbike Group Ride done & dusted!  A hardy group of six made it out tonight, along with newcomer Stephane.  The monkey trails were passable but the new snow made some sections challenging and different.  Made for an adventurous night on the monkey trails.

WCW FB Ride 15 Feb 2018 Pic

Setting up at ‘Tent City’ Campsite on the Red River: Lake Winnipeg Team Leaders Prepare

Great fun today setting up our little ‘Tent City’ Campsite on the Red River as a shake out for our “2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover”, which will be set up in the middle of the lake on 2-4 March 2018.

Thanks Robert La Roque and Ken Buhler for early help with the big combo tent …Tent City Camp Site on Red River 10

Later some of our Leaders Team (Gregory ‘GMac” McNeill, Chris Black, and Jonathan Letkemann), plus several Xtreme Sports Medics (Kas Savage and Natasha Arnfinson) joined me in setting the rest of the campsite up …

Tent City Camp Site on Red River 16

Tent City Camp Site on Red River 14

Tent City Camp Site on Red River 11

Tent City Camp Site on Red River 13

Tent City Camp Site on Red River 12

Tent City Camp Site on Red River 1

Tent City Camp Site on Red River 3

Tent City Camp Site on Red River 20

Waking up the next morning to this sight out the back window was a real treat!
Tent City Camp Site on Red River 21
Good times ahead!

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Invite to Fatbike at the Forks and Kick-off Actif Epica: Fri & Sat Evenings 16/17 Feb

Posted for Wayne Bishop:

Come and hang out with a lot of awesome people as we kick off the Actif Epica with our Fat bike friends at the Forks . We have a Strava challenge for you, 850 M starting under the walking bridge.

Come celebrate the efforts of these amazing endurance athletes and the pilot grooming project put in motion By the legendary Alex Man.
Alex Man by Fatbike Trail near the Forks Feb 18

You might even see me on my SnowDog I used to groom the trail …14 Jan 18 - 2WR SnowDog on River Trail

Come have a rip and show your support of fat bike if at the Forks . 6:30-8:30pm Friday and Saturday Night 16/17 Feb 2018!
You can even buy someone a beer at the Common!

Ride Report: Actif Epica Recon Ride – 11 Feb 2018

Posted for Dan Lockery and the Actif Epica Trail Crew:

Sunday, February 11, 2018 – Final Recon Ride for Actif Epica 2018

Six of us convened in St. Malo and were met with moderate winds (20km/h from the NW) and a reasonable starting temperature of about -15C (5F) at the start. The forecast was calling for the winds to pick up from the North West later in the day and cool off.

Gravel road conditions have changed somewhat since our last visit to this section of the route. The surface still has ice on it but some of the snow that has fallen since has collected, providing a bit more traction.

The trail sections have blown in and not seen any traffic, so we walked the majority of those. Closer to the Senkiw bridge, the field still has some strong ice-crusted surfaces where riding was possible but nearer the trail that leads to the suspension bridge was soft and deep, similar to last year.

We went as far as the suspension bridge and marked the route on our way back with pink flagging tape. Upon leaving the protection of the treed areas the wind had indeed picked up and was somewhere between 40-50km/h sustained and gusting. Gearing up for the return trip we took a slight detour to avoid more walking and made it back to the vehicles after about 3.5 hours of riding time.

Thanks again to those that came out and joined us for a bit of excitement this past Sunday! Trail conditions are shaping up nicely with more snow in the southern sections and closer to Winnipeg having a bit less. There are minimal flurries in the forecast between now and next weekend so we don’t anticipate much change before race day.

11 Feb 2018 Recon Ride Pic 1

11 Feb 2018 Recon Ride Pic 2

11 Feb 2018 Recon Ride Pic 3

We look forward to seeing you all next weekend!

The Trail Crew