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Fat Video Time: “Cold Spokes” – Volunteer Fatbike Trail Grooming

WOW!  Check out this very inspiring video just released on YouTube called “Cold Spokes”, which tells the story of the volunteer trail groomers keeping the network of winter fatbike trails open for riding in Michigan, USA.

As they describe it:
“The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is home to roughly 80 miles of groomed [winter Fat Bike] trails. It is the largest network in North America. These trails exist thanks to the contributions of local land owners and government entities, and they thrive thanks to the volunteer efforts of a handful of dedicated hard working people.”


I must say this video has come along at a very pivotal time for me, as I am about to commit to some ‘soon to be announced’ endeavours in support of increased winter fatbike trail access and grooming, support to our growing local fatbike race series and for me personally to enable more Fatbike Adventures in Manitoba.

So, I too will soon join the ‘gang’ of Manitoban fatbikers who own one of these sweet rigs … the SnowDog,


It’s not hard for me to imagine these SnowDogs out on Lake Winnipeg … making recon trips and grooming a track:SnowDog Pic - 1

Plus hauling gear and or people as needed:
SnowDog Pic - 2

Here’s to more adventures and fun ahead … ‘Rolling our Fatties’! 🙂

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Fatbiking at BHPP on the Oak Ridge Trail

Found these nice pics recently of some fall fatbiking on the Oak Ridge MTB Trail (Winter Fatbike & Snowshoe only) at Birds Hill Prov Park.

Oak Ridge is a terrific MTB singletrack trail developed by the local MTB cycling community and maintained by local volunteers in cooperation with MB Parks.

Oak Ridge Trail Fatbike 25 Sep 2018 - 1

Oak Ridge Trail has it’s trail head at the Parking Lot shared with the Bur Oak Self-guiding Interpretive Paved Path.

Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Map & TrailForks

In the past, we used to refer to Oak Ridge as Bur Oak; that is until it was recently named officially by MB Parks as Oak Ridge MTB Trail for use in the summer and in the winter for fatbikes.

Here’s the Oak Ridge Trailhead Sign and a handy Bike Repair Station (with tools and pump):
Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign & Bike Repair Station

Here’s a close up of the Oak Ridge Trailhead Sign:Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign 2

For winter fatbiking the “Minimum Tire Width 3.8 inches” and a recommended tire pressure of 8 PSI or lower to prevent rutting when the trail had been groomed by volunteers and Park staff.

Here’s the same sign with my addition of Red Letters and Highlights for emphasis:
Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign 2 FB Notes

Btw, here’s the link to the TrailForks online info page for the Oak Ridge Trail:
Oak Ridge MTB - FB Trail Forks Map

Here’s handy satellite view of the Oak Ridge Trail:
Oak Ridge Fatbike Trail - TrailForks Satellite View

Have fun out there on the Oak Ridge Trail whether you are on a MTB, Plus Bike or a Fatbike.

***  BUT once the snow arrives and the trail is packed and groomed (by volunteers and park staff) … it’s time for Fatbikes Only.
Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 19

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.02.36 PM

Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 26

Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 39

Cheers, Fat Tom K


Lindsay’s ‘Secret’ Fat Bike Trail: Crescent Drive Park

*Posted for Charles Burchill and Lindsay Gauld

So Charles made a nice video of Lindsay leading him around the little fat bike trail he has created in and around Crescent Drive park in Winnipeg.  Lindsay would like others to enjoy them and of course that will also help keep them packed (bonus – eh!).


Check out Charles’ video:

Charles had a few trail entry pointers:
“End of Holly (16 seconds) cross over South Drive, down the trail, go right, go right. If you are on Crescent drive enter right at the corner of of the chain link fence (47 seconds). If you park in the east parking lot – follow the trail on the north side of the parking lot (stay off the ski tracks) (1:20). I think there is also an entryway from crescent drive along the fence between the park and Thermëa.”

Have fun and say thanks to Lindsay if you see him! 🙂

Woot Woot – Here comes 2WR’s 2018 MB FatBike Race Series !!!

WOW – more Manitoba Fatbike Racing!!!

Once again Wayne Bishop and 2WR is keeping the MB ‘Fatty Flow Fun’ going into 2018! Can’t wait to be part of the fun by helping in any way that I can assist and racing my heart out too!

Here’s what Wayne had to say with about the race series announcement:
“It’s all coming together ! We are looking forward to getting out and doing our part to bring some good times to a few Sundays in the new year . Help keep
the amazing momentum rolling with promoting fat bikes in Manitoba . Registration is up for Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes brought to you by Lake of the Woods Brewing Company the generous support of Olympia on Portage and Bikes & Beyond. Among a host of others.”

Check this sweet video by Continue Digital about the 2017 Falcon Ridge FatBike Race, the MB FB Race Series and the growth of winter fatbiking in general:

Check out the details and register to race (or ride option) over at:

Invite to Grand Beach Prov Park Group Fatbike Ride & BBQ: 10 AM 26 Mar 2017

Here it is folks, probably our last chance to gather the Fat Bike Manitoba ‘Herd’ for a group ride on what remains of the groomed winter ski trails at Grand Beach Provincial Park. Btw, we have access because grooming has stopped for the season, but some skiers may still be on the trails. We have ridden there in past years at the end of March with similar weather conditions and had a great time (even when it was a bit soft snow or icy conditions).

GBPP Group Fat Bike Ride & BBQ Cover Page
Our chat at Birch indicated this Sunday works for a bunch of us.
So, giddy up Fatties – who’s in?
WHO: Anyone with a Fat Bike. Minimum 3.8 inch tires. Maximum 10lbs of air pressure. Be prepared to reduce tire pressure to maintain float.
WHAT: Fat Bike Group Ride and Potluck BBQ
WHEN: Sunday, 26 March 2017. Meet: 10:00 AM to start riding at 10:15 AM and finish 11:30 to 12:00 (then BBQ)
WHERE: The Grand Beach X-Ctry Ski Trails Parking/Trail Head on the East side of the park (see Map link below)
POTLUCK BBQ: We can use the warming shacks and potbelly stoves to cook fireside food, smokies/bacon/scallops,potatoes etc in frying pans (bring one) and/or bring a portable stove.
Bring some food and drink share. There are a couple picnic tables, but a few lawn chairs would be handy.
PARK PASS is needed!

Grand Beach Prov Park Map - XC Ski Trails

Grand Beach Prov Park Map - Winter Activities

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.56.54 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.16.35 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.08.20 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.06.47 PM

See you all there.

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Brandon Hills: Marty, Rick & Christa hit the Fatbike Trails

Saw Marty Roy’s post after he Rick and Christa enjoyed a great day riding on the sweet Brandon Hills Fatbike Trails (hey it’s winter so not so MTB now – Eh!).

Looks like they had a great time and appreciated the grooming done by ‘Trevor’ (Westman Trail Assoc – I believe).  Check it out here and in person:

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 1

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 4

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 2

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 3

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 6

Looks like I need to get out there myself.

Alas, I am off to recon Lake Winnipeg for our Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover adventure coming up this weekend.

Cheers, Fat Tom K

St Norbert Trail Loop: Marty joins Kevin with Drag Grooming

I noticed that Marty Roy has stepped up recently to help groom the short loop of trails out at St Norbert.  Kevin Braun has been very active with snowshoe and manual drag grooming on the St Norbert Trail Loop for a while, so great to see Marty in action.

Here’s a few pics that Marty had posted online:

St Norbert Loop Trail - Marty Roy Feb 2017 - 1

St Norbert Loop Trail - Marty Roy Feb 2017 - 2

St Norbert Loop Trail - Marty Roy Feb 2017 - 3

Well done Marty!  Let’s hope we have a bit less new snow and some cold nights to set the track firmly.

For those not familiar with the St Norbert Trail Loop, check it out at TrailForks online here:
or click the image below:
St Norbert Loop Trail - TrailForks

Cheers, Fat Tom K

You get what you give

Over the last few years, Wayne Bishop has worked hard to bring to the community a club that instills the ideology ‘Give Love – Get Love’.

All of the monies generated from Two Wheel Revolution (2WRVLTN) through sales of hats, mugs, shirts, memberships and race registrations get put back into developing new course venues and events.

Wayne has gathered like-minded individuals into his club and is constantly recruiting locals to join. The members are doing it because they love what they do, and people who love what they do are willing to sacrifice. This allows 2WR to lean towards being inclusive with the community, rather than exclusive.

With all of the volunteer power and the non-profit approach to capital, 2WR can give lower entry fees for racers, again expanding the possible number of people who will be able to try out a race. This also results in more spectators with family and friends coming out to cheer.

Even Wayne’s beautiful wife Kim and their two sons, Ryder and Chase, work hard in their free time to keep the machine running. Ryder, who is eleven, has the awesome responsibility of being the club’s secretary.

“Being secretary, there is always some challenges but nothing that can’t be done.” says a positive Ryder. “Sometimes tasks are frustrating but I overcome it and try to get the task done. I really enjoy what I do and it is fun to open up my laptop and have a surprise in my inbox. Every day is enjoyable, even with challenges.”

Well get ready because 2WRVLTN has a good show happening on Sunday January 15th, at Falcon Ridge in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Veteran Provincial racer Ken Stojak rode the course last weekend, and was very impressed. “The Falcon Ridge Trail has it all and more.  There are climbs, single track sections, downhills, switchbacks, all with out of this world scenery. There are epic views with the ‘On Top of the World’ loop and when crossing the lakes.”

Another long-time sportsman who has raced inline-speed-skating locally for decades is Greg Carrigan. He was out with Stojak and Paul Lapointe doing a pre-ride last weekend and this is what he had to say, “There is something of everything for everybody. Plus there are real nice people running the Chalet and a good burger! I believe if new fatbikers are doing the 10 km after the first tough climb (where they will learn how awesome a fatbike climbs (with the correct tire pressure), they will have a blast!”

Bishop finishes with describing the course, “The course is a 10km loop comprised of a complimentary mix of wide open coastline lake ski trails, tight single track with amazing views and some flowy Fatbike groomed trails that descend back to the chalet!”

“The day will start with a racer check in and tire pressure verification. Some schmoozing and a race start at 11:30 with 5 minutes between classes.” he adds. “Spectators can experience the resort, tubing, live music and all things falcon. Racers will get a meal and beverage, trophies and some Prizing for special efforts, sportsmanship and just general awesomeness! Ideally the outcome from this race is to promote Fat Bikes in MB parks and at Venues with the purpose of creating opportunities for future riding locations!”

Fatbikes For The Win FFTW

Greg Carrigan was showing us how it’s done at BHP

It was a great Saturday to be at the Bur Oak Trails at Bird’s Hill Park. There were almost 10 fatbike riders out there, navigating the soft snow freely given to us by Mother Nature over the last week.

Mike Vandale from the Woodcock Cycle Club loved it! “ (it was) The perfect day not too warm! (the) Trail was a little soft but it will be awesome once it sets up.”

The soft conditions had the riders dial in their pressures once on the course. It is easy to deflate in the cold, rather than inflate, so deflating a higher pressure is the norm out on these winter rides.

“I think most of us were running 4 or 5 psi.” states Mike.

Many local people were out there today, including Greg Carrigan, Gilles Paquette, Steve H., Tim Woodcock, Mark Kleinholz,  Jon Letkemann and finally Mike Vandale. Tim even convinced a few snowshoers to ‘come to the dark side’ and try out some fatbikes to see how they are. These park adventurers looked interested and seemed to want what us fatbikers already have – fun!

Today’s ride on groomed trails could not have happened without the steady work of Pete Romeo and others like John M. (who was snowshoeing today – packing the trail). Many thanks goes out to these people.

And for those who cannot make it out to BHP (Bird’s Hill Park), there will be a weekday ride this Thursday starting at Woodcock Cycle on St. Mary’s. Vandale finishes with, “The Thurs night ride starts at WCW 6 PM, usually head straight for the Seine River. (it) Sounds like we’re going to head south on the Seine this coming Thursday.”

Contact Woodcock Cycle for more details.

Fatbikes For The Win FFTW

Falcon trails looking great for the 1st MB Fatbike Race Series event

Reports are coming in from 2WheelRevolution and Wayne Bishop (our new ‘East-Man’ Fatbike Groomer extraordinaire!) that the trail grooming at Falcon Ridge is shaping up “super-sweet” for the 1st race of their 2WR Manitoba Fatbike Race Series!   



So it’s time to move past excitement and register to race or take part (there is a $25 ride option) on Sunday 15 January 2017 at Falcon Ridge (in Whiteshell Provincial Park).



Check out the awesome grooming Wayne has already completed …

Getting excited?  Hmmm … okay, check out the slick race trophies:


Not excited enough yet?  REALLY??  SERIOUSLY??? … Okay, check out the scenery:


That’s what I thought … see you at the race! 🙂


Great Fatbike Riding at the Bur Oak Trail (now “Oak Ridge” Trail)

This past Sunday was a great day for us fatbikers in the Winnipeg area of Manitoba, as we got the chance to ride GROOMED WINTER FATBIKE TRAIL again in our own ‘backyard’ on one of our favourite trails … (former Bur Oak Trail – now called “Oak Ridge Trail) at Birds Hill Provincial Park!

Photo Credit:  Gregory McNeil

Now we’ve ridden this trail in the winter before, having packed it by snowshoe and then riding our fatties slowly round and round and round until it was possible to ride with ‘flow’ … so it was today with a bit more packing making it more groomed than usual.

 I first connected with a crew of six riders new to me and most of us regulars.  They called themselves the “Pinoy MB Fatbibers” and Tito, Drex, Sam, Trek, Jovil and Ador were keen to check out the trails, so I lead them around the main track …

The early morning lighting and fresh snow on the trees had created those special winter vistas that you only really get to appreciate when you are out on the trail.

After a fun ride with the Pinoy Crew, I connected with more arriving fatties …

bur-oak-fatbiking-11-dec-16-22Once again I link up with a new crew, but this time most were regulars (Peter, Greg, Janice, etc) and off we went …

Of course, it wasn’t long before we connected with our very own fatbiking ‘Photo-ambusher’ Gregory McNeill …
Actually, it’s always a good time for a hot apple cider break when Gregory’s ‘at work’!

Once we turned back toward the south, the bright sun made for some surreal views …



We cruised the newly groomed sections and put in the tougher effort to ride to the narrower and tighter curved sections that had only been snowshoed in so far …

A full lap of all the trail sections takes 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours depending on conditions, pace and number of hot apple cider breaks :-).  Anyways, back to the trail head we went …
Just in time for me to connect with two new fatbikers who had just arrived, but missed another group of regulars who were heading off lead by Keith Holm and “Lou Fatinsky”

Angie W. and Chris F. showed up ready to roll with goggles, mitts and balaclavas at the ready (excellent start!).  So I lead off onto the main groomed section … north from the trailhead parking lot, but accessed first by going out the west side of the lot by the trailhead sign and then taking the first right onto the singletrack trail for a short east leg of 100 metres before the trail heads north and west.

Chris was right behind me on the way out so he was in view of my rear GoPro video camera.

Chris lead us back and Angie followed with a wide smile on her face the whole way!  Yup, the saying is true … “Everyone who rides a fatbike wears a huge smile”!! 🙂

We met up with Keith Holm’s crew and more introductions to our fun community of fatties were in order and partaken.

To top off our day’s adventures on the trail, we had a close encounter with Mike on his fat tire unicycle … that guy’s got skills! 🙂

Back at the trailhead we all marvelled at our amazing luck to have taken part in the first real day of groomed winter trail fatbiking in the our local Winnipeg and Eastern Manitoba area!   Good times and more ahead! 🙂

The right people

One year is all it took.

Wayne Bishop and his 2 Wheel Revolution have done many things in the past and been involved in many different types of racing, from mountain bike racing to scramble motor cross and fatbike racing.

One year ago, a few local fatbikers got together for a ride at the Grand Beach Trails. Bishop’s name came up, and a few of us had good things to say about him. ‘He is a good man’ was the common theme. The group then decided to support him as best they could from then on.

Today, many local racers and enthusiasts appeared at Bird’s Hill Park’s Bur Oak trails, to pack down the trails with snowshoes, as per Bishop’s request. Sunday, 8:30 a.m., ‘be there’ – was understood.

After the snowshoe people (snowshoers) did their ‘thing’, more fatbikers appeared, to do their part and ride the trail, further packing the snow down as per Bishop’s request. Some of the snowshoers had family commitment and other commitments for the afternoon, so the torch was passed on to the cyclists.

Wayne thanked those he could today, but it is we in the community who thank him. Without him, this would never have happened.

A lot can happen in one year. You just need the right people. 🙂

Sunday afternoon rides at BHP

During the summer, whether they be trail runners, hikers, or dog walkers, local people enjoy the Bur Oak trails at Bird’s Hill Park.

Last Sunday was no different, with a friendly invitation sent out via Social Media for fatbikers to meet-up at 1 p.m., and take it from there.

I was there, Pete appeared after seeing my car, and we just started riding the trails and talking. Nice easy pace, talking about everything. With fatbiking, you can go as fast or as slow as you wish, and it’s so quiet in the wilderness that you can have a conversation with someone even if they are in front or behind you.

Dave from Stony Mountain appeared, proudly riding his new Rocky sportin 4.8 tires, and the three of us continued around the course.

There was light snow cover, so the large tree roots were still exposed in some areas, and these can be slippery and tricky to go over. I just prepared myself to put a foot down and took my time. No rush out there. I still wiped out a few times.

The trail is getting better groomed with the fatbikers. We met one trail runner, who was friendly and helped us take some pictures of some newcomers to Bird’s Hill Park (BHP). Igor and his friend were curious about what we do, and I let him ride my bike – I think he’s hooked.

One lap down, and Steve H. and Dave Bartel appeared back at the parking lot. Steve was using 5 p.s.i. front and rear on his CAAD with 4.8s, and he had no problems with the roots. Dave was happy he finally got to ride his new Salsa in the snow!

10-15 cm of snow is predicted for the next few days, but this will benefit the trail. Wednesday night’s 6:30 ride will be interesting with all of the snow – the fast people will be forced to slow down for a bit 🙂

‘Fattie Frozen Dozen’ – Tracking Bur Oak Trail

Tom Kolesnik’s Post:

Oh that was fun!  As Wayne Bishop of2 Wheel Revolutionput it: “Love the work ethic …. -25 windchill not a problem, hiking holes on the trail not a problem, 6 km loops not a problem . Packing the loop with a dozen fatties never a problem! Great community effort!”

Here a few of my GoPro screencaps … video in the works.

Greg Carrigan framed by the sun and snow kicked up by my ‘Bud’ tire!

The track was quite narrow (about two tire widths) for our first few laps, but totally rideable and a blast! With more riders following, Bur Oak should be in perfect condition by now … so giddy up Fatties – let ride 🙂