Video Time: Winter Night Ride – “Fatties and a Skinny”

Another sweet winter night ride with a few of the Manitoba Fat Bikers and one ‘Skinny’. Check it out:

The Assiniboine Park and Forest trails were super hard-packed and not a lot of snow base … great conditions for our friend Skinny Charles to join the Fatties for part of the ride.
Welcome to new fatbiker Pat on her shiny-new 9 Zero 7. Thanks to Fat Serge for suggesting the ride. 1st place Frosted Beard honours to Fat Luke, with a close 2nd place to Charles. Big thanks to Fat David for bailing me out after my Mr. Moonie’s bottom bracket seized up! 🙂

Wed Nite Ride Time – Ass’n Park 7:30 PM – Be There!

‘Fat Serge’ has called for a meeting of the ‘MB Fattie Herd’ tonight for some sweet nite trail riding.

Who:  Any fatbikers or winter trail riders (Hey Charles!?)
What:  Ride the Assiniboine Park and Forest trails
When:  Tonight, 17 Dec 2014, 7:30 PM (1930 Hrs for ex-military types like Serge or 0130 Hrs Zulu/GMT for us Air Force folks!)
Where:  Assiniboine Park Duck Pond Shelter
Why:  You need to ask?  Seriously? BE THERE!

Video Time: Fat Biking Winter Groomed Trails

Looking back at a great day of fat biking on the winter trails at Grand Beach Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada.

These are multi-use winter trails (Park designation) that are groomed for classic and skate XC skiing. Others use the trails as well (hikers and snowshoers, but they can mark up the trails).
We fat bikers with our wide tires (3.7 inches minimum up to 4.8 inches) and low tire pressure (below 10 PSI is advised) can ‘float’ on the firm-ish packed trails and cruise along at speed, while having great control (good grip).
As long as we stay off the set classic ski tracks, avoid the trails once it’s warmer (near O C) and ride in a smart courteous way, we can enjoy the trails and not conflict with others on the trails, especially the skiers. Our speed is very compatible with good skate skiers, while the classic skiers are much slower, so give a friendly warning as you approach them (just like skate skiers have to).

Groomed winter trails can be a blast for us fat bikers, as long as we use them correctly and with good trail etiquette! Remember though that while access to these trails may be allowed at this time and at this location (a Provincial Park – not a private ski trail location), this access could be lost. So … 3.7 inch minimum width tires, keep the pressure low and avoid the trails if they are warm/soft!

2014 Global Fat Bike Day in Winnipeg, Canada – It was a SUPER BIG FATTIE Blast!!!

It all started at The Forks in the Heart of Winnipeg – where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers join and our adventures begun.  45+ riders joined Winnipeg’s GFBD Ride at some point along the way.

First we crossed the Red River via the Riel Esplanade Foot Bridge.GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 9 GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 13

Then over to the St. Boniface Cathedral for our first group photo.GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 17

Then back down to the Red River …
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 18

For our official photo-shoot …
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 20

… with Gregory McNeill ready and waiting.GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 24 

After a bit of “work with me – work with me” … ‘Money Shot’!
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Whittier Park got us back onto the trails where fatties belong!
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 34

The Seine River was  just recently hard frozen and rideable …
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 41

Hard frozen?  Yes siree!
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 53

Riding the Seine this early in the season was a bonus!
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 51

Back onto the road … necessary to ride to the Casa PitStop.
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 58

Where all riders could rest, feast and ‘re-hydrate’ 🙂
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 63 GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 66


Global Fat Bike Day thrived in Winnipeg in 2014!
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