30 Jan 13 WNR Report – Windy-Chilly Gravel Grinder

Fat Tom K’s Post:

It was Cory’s idea of a good Actif Epica prep ride on gravel from in town and south via the Brady Road to the La Barriere area and back.  Good plan, so I joined and we met up at the Duck Pond warming shack along with Serge (who was joining us for part of the ride to the Forest) and Charles (who lives down south and was riding home from work).  Did I mention that the windchill was -35C with a NW wind of over 30 KMs?  No … ahh not that important …  not yet anyways!

Oh yah, a quick shout-out to Muddy Guy Anthony for the awesome job he did on the frame bag and gas tank bag he custom made for my Pugsley!  Picked them up from Guy via Olympia Cycle & Ski on Portage.

WNR 30 Jan 13 - 1My Pugsley all kitted out – thanks Muddy Guy!

So we rode south through the sheltered forest (see ya Serge) and then cruised south with the tailwind via MCCreary Rd and McGillvray to Brady Rd.  We were smok’n along (yes, by fat bike standards), but already starting to notice the windchill.  Did I mention that I was the only one with goggles on at this point?  No … not important yet!  So then it’s time to say good night to Charles as we’re 3/4’s the way down to the Perimeter (he rides this every day … hardcore!).

So we press on south past the Brady Landfill and start punching through our first snowdrifts across the otherwise solid gravel … more drifts … our first turn west (ohh … so that’s how strong the wind is!) … more south until we are abeam La Barriere … decision time!

It was only 20 kms back, but the headwind was going to be a factor and Cory had no goggles with him.  Well then, hot drink and snack, put on yer best facemasks and giddy up … it’s the real ‘Grinding’ time.  Yup, it was slow going and chest/lower-regions numbing cold … but Cory and I pressed on at a reasonable pace … the lights of habitation and shelter from the wind coming closer oh so slowly.  No time for pictures, but it was actually a beautiful thing to see and yes feel!  We rode steady back to the Forest pathway (except for the ridiculously long traffic light at Wilkes!) and enjoyed the shelter and pathway trails.

WNR 30 Jan 13 - 2Cory – as we reached the shelter of the Forest

At his point, the ride was easy going with -25C type firm pathways.  Seemed pretty fast, but once we arrived back at the park footbridge to split up, I realized we had ridden for over 3 hours and only one of those had been going southAh, wind … the great equalizer!

WNR 30 Jan 13 - 3

Now Cory says it wasn’t too bad riding back into that 30 Kph headwind -35C windchill with no goggles, but I figure he’s pretty tough, cuz it had to have hurt!  Nice ride Cory!

WNR 30 Jan 13 - 4
Still hiding from the elements – thank you goggles!

Great riding with ya guys.  Hope the forest trails were fun Serge and hope to see ya again at Actif Epica Charles.

Ride proposals for Sunday Feb 3rd

Fat KC’s Post:

Have got 2 ride proposals: (1) launch from the Petersfield Hotel and ride Snoman trails through to Chalet Beach Road and onto Lake Wpg.  Ride the lake to Gimli’s Lakeview Hotel for food and beverage and ride back.  Projected 80 kms return – comfortably paced and fully equipped (lights and other necessities).  This ride can be abbreviated – Petersfield to Wpg Beach might reduce ride to ~60 kms.  I have seen some stretch of this trail and it looks very doable.  I’m told the lake is tabletop.  Or (2) Launch from the 59’er gas station and ride the floodway trail to Lockport.  Take the Red River from Lockport up to Selkirk for food and beverage.  Projected (guessing) 50 kms return.

I am riding this Sunday either way.  Company would be nice.  I’d prefer a Lake Wpg run but riding the Red is ok too.  …disregard the Gimli to Grand Beach ride (on map)…UNLESS SOMEONE’S INTERESTED!  …Goal is to have some fun and enjoy the day; if we make whatever destination – great and if not then that’s ok too.

And congratulations to those who participated in Arrowhead.

Arrowhead 2013

Fat Ian’s Post:

Several MFB regulars are racing Arrowhead 135 this coming Monday.  Preview and a link to live tracking is posted here.  Although the weather isn’t expected to be particularly cold on Monday (race starts in the morning), it will get colder over the race (cutoff is 60 hours). As well, the snow could be challenging: some fresh, some icy, some warm and slimy. Good times.

I’ll be volunteering at the third checkpoint (Mile 110) to witness the carnage. Will try to get some photos to post next week.

From all the Manitoba Fat Bikers: best wishes for the race to Al, Dallas, Dan, Hal, Lindsay, Morgan. Enjoy the ride and godspeed!

WNR 23 Jan 13: Frosty – but fun!

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Thanks to KC and Cory for the good company and motivation to get out last night on my 3rd long-ish night ride in a row.  It was around -30C most of the ride and we got a slow start due a mechanical of mine, but we soon warmed up as we headed south from the Forks with Cory leading us on his ‘Churchill Parkway – Seine River Loop’:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-1Pathways were all hardpacked and smooth cruising:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-2Most of the river edge trails were rideable and the Seine River track was solid from the Windsor Park area up until a bit south of Provencher Blvd (just north of Kavanagh Park).  The Seine River Parkway trail was mostly rideable from there north to the Robins Donuts at Provencher:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-3Here’s one last screen cap from my GoPro cam, before the frigid temps killed both batteries (batt backpack does not equal 2 x life in the cold!):

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-4Thanks for ‘pulling’ me along guys.  Good times!

Nate is a stud!

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Ok, I suspect that most of you already know this but … Nate is a stud … one super studded knobby – most excellent fat bike tire!

Nate Fat Tire

I recently switched out my Endomorph for a Nate and gave it a ‘Proper Test last night on the trails’.
Result – amazing improvement in traction and stability!
Thanks Morgan and Liam at Olympia for the other tweaking of my Pugs and the tire change.  🙂

2013 Lake Winnipeg Polar Bear run/ride.

Fat Dallas’ Post:

Just a quick note to let you know that the run will go on the second Sunday of March, at 9.00 am Central Daylight Saving Time.  This will be March 10th .  Course details and start location will be announced pending confirmation of where the trail runs.

If you want to be on future mailers, please respond and I will set up a 2013 Group List.



For the bikers the race would be an out and back course. We can figure some sort of trophy that can be awarded. I think for simplicities sake it’ll be Ricky Bobby style meaning “your either first or last”.

Still lonely in Westman

Fat Steve’s Post:

Still lonely out here in Shilo / Westman; however, I discovered today that there are now a couple of Fat Bikes out here. A&L Cycle and Ski is now dealing with Surly / Salsa products. It’s about time. If any of you Westman Fat Bikers are reading this, let me know…I want to ride with some partners. It’s been a lonely two years out here. Let’s truly make this site a Manitoba Site as opposed to a Winnipeg / Eastern Manitoba Fat Bike Site. Hope to see you all on the trail.

January 9th WNRide

Fat Ian’s Post:

Meet at 7:30 in the Assiniboine Forest parking lot (Grant @ Chalfont).

~2 hour ride, moderate pace. Direction will be determined by group consensus. One idea thrown out for consideration was to head to the river and explore the rideability of the shore.

Possibly also of interest – this week IMBA released fatbike best practices.

Jan 9th WedNiteRide

Fat Ian’s Post:

Meet at 7:30 in the Assiniboine Forest parking lot (Grant @ Chalfont).

~2 hour ride, moderate pace. Direction will be determined by group consensus. One idea thrown out for consideration was to head to the river and explore the rideability of the shore.

Possibly also of interest – this week IMBA released fatbike best practices.

Tuscobia’s truths

Fat Dallas’ MFB Post:

I was mulling over what worked for me at Tuscobia and what didn’t and here are a few tidbits I learned.

– Fork mounted lights are the bees knees.  Don’t laugh them off like I did. Once you put one on you will never in a million years go back.

-Endomorph tires are your worst enemy. Change them as fast possible and get something with some tread on it. It’s like free training and 10x the control.

-People don’t respect vests enough. Give one a try and thank me later.

-Don’t be afraid of changing your tire pressure as the conditions change. Seriously, you have a great metal pump ( hint ,hint) you bought so use it if you need to firm things up. Soft for soft, hard for hard……..easy enough to remember.

-Mix up your food choices. The longer the ride the greater the diversity. Don’t be like me and bulk buy then decide mid ride that the menu makes you sick thinking about it. Why do I always buy so many pepperoni sticks?

-Dogwood poggies are worth their weight in gold. At no time EVER while riding your bike will you regret the expense.

-Try the vapour barrier technique on your feet. I held off on this one also and proved to be an idiot yet again.

-Ride in every type of trail and snow conditions you can. Snow biking is far more technical than people give it credit for. In fact to emphasize my point I’m going all caps. RIDE IN EVERY SNOW CONDITION YOU CAN FIND.

-Ride with your friends because friends are awesome.

– Always listen to Lindsay.