Manitoban Fatbikers Conquer the 2018 Arrowhead 135 Ultra Race

A huge shout out and congrats to all our fellow Manitoban Fatbikers who took on the challenge of the 2018 Arrowhead 135 Ultra Race which is super tough!

How tough is it?  Well … “The Arrowhead 135 is recognized in the book “The World’s Toughest Endurance Challenges” by Richard Hoad and Paul Moore as one of the 50 toughest races in the world. It is a human powered Ultra Marathon taking place in the coldest part of winter in the coldest city in the lower 48 states.”

Well done Dan Lockery, David Ristau and Pete McAdams!
Live Tracker Details HERE

2018 Arrowhead 135 Live Tracker

Special congrats to Dan Lockery, who as the 1st Place (Unsupported Category) Fatbike Finisher – WOW, super tough rider indeed!
Dan Lockery - 1st Place Unsupported finish of 2018 Arrowhead 135

Cheers, Fat Tom K


Amazing Finish of the 2018 Fat Viking Race in Norway: Nina Gassler Rocks it!

Our very own ‘Honorary’ Manitoba Fatbiker Nina Gassler (actually she is German, but is a ski instructor and fatbike tour operator in Geilo, Norway) has just accomplished a ‘for-real’ EPIC fatbike race accomplishment worthy of a VIKING!

Fat Viking 2018 Banner

Fat Viking 2018 Banner - Nina Gassler's Bike at finishline

Fat Viking 2018 Banner - Nina Gassler's GPS

She was the only racer to complete the full distance of the long course of the Fat Viking Winter Endurance Race in very difficult conditions (bad enough snowfall that most racers had to pull out or be re-routed to the finish via a short-cut)!

FV 2018 EQ Timing Plot - Nina Gassler Finished

Congratulations Nina, you truly are my German-Norwegian Fatbiking Hero! 

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Ride Report: WCW’s Fat Bike Group Ride – 25 Jan 2018

Posted for Nicholas Robitaille of Woodcock Cycle Works:

Another great Woodcock Cycle Works Fat Bike Group Ride! The trails were fast and hardpack, but not too icy. We avoided the rivers for the most part and rode the monkey trails, and hit the Seine right at the end … 10 riders braved the daunting -3c conditions this evening! 😉

WCW FB Ride 25 Jan 2018 - Pic

Invite to WCW’s Fat Bike Club Ride – 6 PM Thurs 25 Jan 2018

Posted for WCW’s Fat Bike Club Ride Coordinator (say thanks to Nic!):

Man, this weather’s got us stoked. So stoked in fact that Marcus couldn’t help but practice his technical maneuvers in preparation for Thursday night’s Fat Bike Club Ride (6 Bells – 25 Jan 2018 – meet at the shop).

WCW FB Ride 25 Jan 2018 - Invite Pic

Woodcock Fat Bike Club Rides Banner

Ride Report: Actif Epica Recon Ride – 21 Jan 2018

Posted for the Actif Epica Trail Crew:

Meeting in St. Pierre-Jolys this morning, six of us set off to scout a bit of new trail for this year, along with some favourite stretches that we don’t get to see often enough. Temperatures were mild again at -7C (20F), with a light wind from the North East.

21 Jan 2018 Recon Ride Pic 2

The recent warm weather with temps above freezing and the previous extreme wind conditions left the fields and roads scoured with minimal snow/ice cover except for spots with shelter where drifts tended to accumulate. That made for a mix of mostly ride-able surfaces for wider tires and the odd stretch where the crusts were thin, finding us punching through and walking for a bit to break up the ride.

21 Jan 2018 Recon Ride Pic 1

One of the usual roads near St. Malo (Goulet Rd) that has been un-plowed in years past appears to now be included in regular clearing. This happened last year as well and racers might find this to their liking as it certainly sped up travel from St. Pierre to St. Malo and back for us today.

21 Jan 2018 Recon Ride Pic 3

On our return trip we opted for a slightly shorter route to be respectful of everyone’s time. That left us a chance to revisit the short section of new trail that is being used this year on the dike around St. Pierre-Jolys. The approach to the dike is off Parenteau St. In St. Pierre and it wraps around town, crossing highway 59 and Provincial Rd 205, before turning in toward the checkpoint location at the Museum (Cabane a Sucre).

Thanks to those that came out and joined us! Not to worry if you were unable to make it out, we have plans for a couple more scouting trips yet. That being said, next week we are taking a break again as another of the triple crown events is happening (the Arrowhead 135). Good luck to all taking part!

Actif Epica Trail Crew

Invite for Actif Epica Recon Ride: 21 Jan 2018

Posted for Dan Lockery and the Actif Epica Trail Crew:

After a short break for some fun with the 2WR crew at Falcon Ridge last weekend, we’re heading back out to scout the trail, including one of the changes to this year’s route. Come join us:

Date: Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Time: 9:00am

Location: Meet at St. Pierre-Jolys (in the parking lot of Le Routier restaurant).

Purpose: To scout the Actif Epica course heading South from St. Pierre-Jolys to St. Malo along the Crow Wing Trail.

Who: The Trail Crew (Dallas, Pete and Dan) will be riding at a slow rolling pace (on fat bikes) and would love it if you brought ANY type of bike and joined them (bring friends on bikes too!).

The Plan: To go have a look at this section of the route (which includes an update for this year), take a few pictures and enjoy a fun, sociable ride-out from St. Pierre-Jolys to St. Malo along the Crow Wing Trail and then time permitting, either return the same way or take a shorter route back. The total distance will be approximately 40-50km. We will roll out at 9am and estimate the total ride time to be somewhere between 3-4 hours. In case you are late setting off, you can follow along with the blue-and-white-arrow, Crow Wing Trail markers (and look for our tire tracks!) to catch up with us along the route as we will be moving at a comfortable pace and stopping to take pictures now and then. Also, there will likely be a post ride discussion over coffee/food at a local establishment should you feel so inclined.

Important Note: All participants join us at their own risk (e.g. please be safe, wear appropriate winter riding clothing, a helmet, bring blinky lights for improved visibility, enough food and water for the ride and a basic repair kit). Citing a famous quote, “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU”, so please respect the nature of a winter riding adventure, it can be unforgiving.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

19 Jan 2018 Recon Ride Invite Pic

That was a blast – 2WR’s Falcon Fatbike Race a Big Success!

Almost 90 racers took part in an awesomely successful and fun race out at Falcon Ridge Resort … all thanks to Wayne Bishop and his 2 Wheel Revolution Team of members, volunteers and a the good folks at Falcon Resort.  Check it all out on social media and here:

Falcon Ridge Race Video Thumbnail.2png

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Drone Pic 1

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Pic 1

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Drone Pic 12

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Drone Pic 15

Falcon Ridge Race 2018 Drone Pic 18

Editor’s Later Addition:
I had the pleasure of using my new drone and my trusty GoPro camera to capture the all the action and fun of the race … here it is:

Cheers, Fat Tom K

“2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover”: Details for 2-4 March 2018

Details are coming together for the:
“2018 Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover” Adventure – now planned for Fri-Sun 2-4 March 2018!


We are dedicating this Memorial event in Honour of our much loved Fatbiking and adventure friend Alfred, who died on 8 March 2017 during an Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Search and Rescue (SAR) Technician training jump from a 435 Squadron C-130 Hercules – just days after he had taken part in our 2017 version of the same Lake Wpg crossing and campover. I announced this Event Memorial dedication when I spoke at Alfred’s Memorial Service at 17 Wing Winnipeg Air Base, received his families’ appreciation and endorsement. Now we follow through … Alfred you will not be forgotten!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 10.29.21 PM

Alfred – we are going to complete the task you had set out for yourself and told us about on the lake last year … Alfred Barr: “I am so lucky to be a SAR Tech and so very well trained during my SAR Tech Course 49 this past year. I hope to pass on a lot of my newly honed skills, especially Arctic survival and extended adventure travel to my Fatbiking friends.” Don’t worry Alfred … your friends will ‘take up the torch’ and try to live up to the SAR Tech Motto that you died training to uphold: “That Others May Live” Rescue!

While we will be following a similar inexpensive/non-profit/cooperative group adventure plan as last year; with limited sponsorships (last year MEC & Wilderness Supply were very supportive), we will also be engaging in cooperative training and adventure with SAR Techs from 435 Sqn and others who trained with Alfred on SAR Tech Course 49. They will be taking part on the ground (ahem, snow) and possibly from the air (if weather and coordination allows for parachute training).

We will provide 1, 2 and 3 day participation options:

Fri 2 March: Take part in Fatbiking, winter camping skills, backcountry medical/evacuation SAR practice exercises likely on Lake Winnipeg with fatbikers and motorized escort quads/snowmobiles heading out to the center of the lake to set up a little ‘tent city’ and campover with the Team Leaders.


Map - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover

Tenting Base Camp Layout - Lake Wpg Fatbike Campover 2018

Sat Morning 3 March: Fatbikers and escort vehicles bike/drive back from the lake campsite in the early morning to the Sand Bar Inn in Grand Marais for breakfast and to meet up with other FatBikers joining the group who drive out from ‘town’ that morning.


Sat 3 March: After breakfast, the combined group will ride across Lake Winnipeg following a marked/groomed route with snowmobile/quad support for pressure ridge crack crossings as req’d. Stop at mid-lake to add to the campsite with any additional tents and gear, possible 435 Sqn SAR aircraft participation, then continue across to Gimli for lunch and then back to the camp for supper, bonfire and sleepover in our little tent city.


Sun 4 March: After a breakfast on the lake, we will ride back to the Sand Bar Inn at Grand Marais for lunch and adventure wrap up.


I am also pleased to announce that our Leaders Team is now complete and these amazing volunteers will ensure that our adventure is well organized, safe and fun:

Gregory McNeill - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Keith Holm - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Jonathan Letkemann - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Patrick Stevens - Picture Colage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Kevin Champagne - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Robert Paige Xtreme Sports Medics - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Dave MacDonald - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Chris Black - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy

Sgt Steve Delage - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copy
Tom Kolesnik - Picture Collage for 2018 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover copyTom Kolesnik
2018 ‘Alfred Bar’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover
Adventure Weekend Coordinator
Cell: (204) 612-9266

Major Tom Kolesnik, RCAF, 17 Wing LLO
Former 435 Sqn C-130 SAR Pilot

More details to follow after upcoming planning mtgs.

Falcon FB Race Plate pickup: 7-9 PM 10 Jan 2018 at the Peg Brew Co.

Giddy up MB ‘Fatties’ it’s time tomorrow night to pickup our race plates for this Sunday’s MB Fatbike Series Race at Falcon Ridge!

So a few of us are starting our journey to the Peg Beer Co. for food, bevies and good social connecting by gathering at my place/Red River FB Crossing at 6 Bells (6PM) and riding to the Peg via Churchill Parkway.

Post Event Edit:
Good times were had by many and there was swag …

10 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 110 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 2

10 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 310 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 4

10 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 510 Jan 2018 - Peg Brew Co Race Plate PU - Pics 6

Great FatBike Racing times ahead! 🙂

Cheers, Fat Tom K

CBC Reporter discovers a HUGE Fat Bike on the Red River

Just finished a fun interview with Sabrina Carnevale (a CBC Reporter) at my home and on my “2018 Fat Tom K Red River Fatbike Crossing”.

CBC Interview 9 Jan 18 - Red River Fatbike Crossing Pic 1
She was very interested in the back story of why and how it was built as well as more about our obviously rapidly growing Fatbike community locally, across Manitoba and around the globe.

CBC Interview 9 Jan 18 - Red River Fatbike Crossing Pic 2

I made a few plugs about how things are growing and the upcoming 2WR MB Fatbike Race Series and the race at Falcon this weekend! ❄️🚴👍😃

Sabrina is a very thorough interviewer and was quite interested in the local Fatbike community connections.

News to follow …

Cheers, Fat Tom K