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Brandon Hills: Marty, Rick & Christa hit the Fatbike Trails

Saw Marty Roy’s post after he Rick and Christa enjoyed a great day riding on the sweet Brandon Hills Fatbike Trails (hey it’s winter so not so MTB now – Eh!).

Looks like they had a great time and appreciated the grooming done by ‘Trevor’ (Westman Trail Assoc – I believe).  Check it out here and in person:

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 1

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 4

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 2

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 3

Brandon Hills - 23 Feb 2017 - Marty Roy, Rick Shone & Christa Rusk - 6

Looks like I need to get out there myself.

Alas, I am off to recon Lake Winnipeg for our Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover adventure coming up this weekend.

Cheers, Fat Tom K

You get what you give

Over the last few years, Wayne Bishop has worked hard to bring to the community a club that instills the ideology ‘Give Love – Get Love’.

All of the monies generated from Two Wheel Revolution (2WRVLTN) through sales of hats, mugs, shirts, memberships and race registrations get put back into developing new course venues and events.

Wayne has gathered like-minded individuals into his club and is constantly recruiting locals to join. The members are doing it because they love what they do, and people who love what they do are willing to sacrifice. This allows 2WR to lean towards being inclusive with the community, rather than exclusive.

With all of the volunteer power and the non-profit approach to capital, 2WR can give lower entry fees for racers, again expanding the possible number of people who will be able to try out a race. This also results in more spectators with family and friends coming out to cheer.

Even Wayne’s beautiful wife Kim and their two sons, Ryder and Chase, work hard in their free time to keep the machine running. Ryder, who is eleven, has the awesome responsibility of being the club’s secretary.

“Being secretary, there is always some challenges but nothing that can’t be done.” says a positive Ryder. “Sometimes tasks are frustrating but I overcome it and try to get the task done. I really enjoy what I do and it is fun to open up my laptop and have a surprise in my inbox. Every day is enjoyable, even with challenges.”

Well get ready because 2WRVLTN has a good show happening on Sunday January 15th, at Falcon Ridge in the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

Veteran Provincial racer Ken Stojak rode the course last weekend, and was very impressed. “The Falcon Ridge Trail has it all and more.  There are climbs, single track sections, downhills, switchbacks, all with out of this world scenery. There are epic views with the ‘On Top of the World’ loop and when crossing the lakes.”

Another long-time sportsman who has raced inline-speed-skating locally for decades is Greg Carrigan. He was out with Stojak and Paul Lapointe doing a pre-ride last weekend and this is what he had to say, “There is something of everything for everybody. Plus there are real nice people running the Chalet and a good burger! I believe if new fatbikers are doing the 10 km after the first tough climb (where they will learn how awesome a fatbike climbs (with the correct tire pressure), they will have a blast!”

Bishop finishes with describing the course, “The course is a 10km loop comprised of a complimentary mix of wide open coastline lake ski trails, tight single track with amazing views and some flowy Fatbike groomed trails that descend back to the chalet!”

“The day will start with a racer check in and tire pressure verification. Some schmoozing and a race start at 11:30 with 5 minutes between classes.” he adds. “Spectators can experience the resort, tubing, live music and all things falcon. Racers will get a meal and beverage, trophies and some Prizing for special efforts, sportsmanship and just general awesomeness! Ideally the outcome from this race is to promote Fat Bikes in MB parks and at Venues with the purpose of creating opportunities for future riding locations!”

Fatbikes For The Win FFTW

Still lonely in Westman

Fat Steve’s Post:

Still lonely out here in Shilo / Westman; however, I discovered today that there are now a couple of Fat Bikes out here. A&L Cycle and Ski is now dealing with Surly / Salsa products. It’s about time. If any of you Westman Fat Bikers are reading this, let me know…I want to ride with some partners. It’s been a lonely two years out here. Let’s truly make this site a Manitoba Site as opposed to a Winnipeg / Eastern Manitoba Fat Bike Site. Hope to see you all on the trail.

Greetings from the lonely fatbiker in Westman!

Fat Steve’s Post:

Hey all,

Thanks to FatIan, I’m now up and running on this blog!  Name’s Steve, I’m posted to CFB Shilo out here close to Brandon, and I’m LONELY!

I’ve got a couple of other guys who are just commuting right now, but nobody has shown any interest so far in doing any group rides.  I’m the only one out here in WESTMAN with a snow bike, as far as I know, so few people are willing to take their Mountain Bikes off-road in the winter.

Anyway, I’d be quite interested in knowing if there are any other fat-bikers out here in WESTMAN and getting together for some WESTMAN group rides.  I’d also be interested in getting together with the bulk of you on this site whom I’m assuming are mostly from Winnipeg and area?!

I’m off between 17 Dec and 9 Jan, so hopefully I can find some time to get together with some other fatbikers over the holidays.

Talk to you all soon.

PS. Ian, I won’t be able to make the briefing at Olympia tomorrow night.  I have to drive in friends to the Airport on Sunday, so likely won’t have any room for my bike to participate in the group ride that day.  At the very least though, perhaps we can meet up somewhere and have a coffee.  I don’t mind the odd beer, but I do have to drive back to Shilo.