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Fat Photo of the Month: Rider and his Dog

* So it’s been quite a while since I posted a Fat Photo of the “Week” and it’s been a busy winter; I believe it’s time to move to a new sustainable posting category – the Fat Photo of the “Month”.

So here you are … the “Fat Photo of the Month“: ‘Rider and his Dog‘ – Our very own prolific Grand Marais area fatbiker Dave Cushnie with his dog on Lake Winnipeg – beauty!

Dave Cushnie Fatbike - Lake Wpg 20 Apr 2018
Here’s Dave Cushnie and his dog out today on still frozen Lake Winnipeg near Grand Marais.

Terrific picture Dave!  Thanks for the motivation to keep Rolling our Fatties! 🙂

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Fat Photo of the Week

Here’s Allan Gilleshammer riding across the ‘Green Bridge’ near the Forks on “The Day After” the snowstorm that hit Winnipeg over Christmas – a slick view on “Shovelling-Fatbiking Day” … formerly known as Boxing Day!  😉
The winning photographer this week? … Gregory McNeill of course!  He’s got an awesome eye for the special scenes all around us, that he captures all while riding his fatbike!! 🙂


Bonus Photo:  here’s Allan … all smiles during his ride:


Thanks again to Gregory McNeill’s photographer skills (while riding his fatbike no-less!),we have a winner for our new weekly contest …  FAT PHOTO OF THE WEEK!

Here it is: Guy ‘Muddy Guy’ Anthony in the lead as 25+ of us fatbikers are about to cross the Louis Reil Esplande Bridge (Cdn Museum for Human Rights behind) during our 2nd FatBike Skills Clinic of 2016 on 13 Nov 2016.  Will that be our last ride before the snow flies???  It’s all good to us! 🙂



Thanks to Gregory McNeill’s ‘photo-ambush’ skills and the beautiful weather at last Sunday’s FatBike Skills Clinic, we have a winner for our new weekly contest …  FAT PHOTO OF THE WEEK!

Here it is:  Gregory’s pic of David Gerrard showing off his newly honed balance skills … thanks Fat Levels! 🙂

David Gerrard ‘riding the rail’ (bonus points for wearing a poppy)! 🙂