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Ride Report: Checking out WCW’s Fat Friday Destination Ride

Really glad I could make it out to Woodcock Cycle Works (WCW) tonight to join their “Fat Friday Destination Ride” that was lead expertly by Currie and Miles – well done guys! 🙂

We had a nice group of fatties, one MTBer (hey ‘Muddy Guy’, where’s your FB? ;-]) and one skinny.  

We cruised some side streets, paths and bridges to the edge of the Forks area … all good until one newly modified to tubeless fatty tire went flat and we had a group ‘fix it’ session …

hmmm almost, almost … nope … two less riders in our group as ‘flat fatty’ and friend returned back to the shop. 😦

So off to the Assiniboine Park Duck Pond shelter we went …

The pitstop was nice on a cold night ride. 🙂

Back to the shop via park pathways, Wellington, train bridge and quiet side roads …

Customary ride by the Legislature …

Hello Riel …

Here’s Miles pausing us for a drink/snack break …

Here’s Currie, Miles and Guy back at WCW …

Thanks again Currie and Miles for leading the ride and ‘Rolling with the Fat Flat’ to adjust our destination ride to the Duck Pond.  6:00 to 8:30 for a fun group ride!  Nice! 🙂

If you are interested in WCW Fat Friday Destination Rides, then contact WCW or connect with their FaceBook Event Page HERE (or click image below):

Cheers, Fat Tom K

The Ice is Here


Watch your pressures. Husker Dus 3.8s are good on the summer pavement, good in winter in a straight line, but on an off-camber descent, be careful, because there is ice on the trail.

Yes I wiped out. Nothing major. No broken bones. I feel it’s good to wipe out, for if you do not get hurt too badly, it keeps your ego in check.

I will be switching to 4.8s Lou/Lou unstudded combo that came with my 2015 Blackborow. Great tires. Now is the time for the winter gear.

The Thursday night ride with the Woodcock Cycle club was a blast! Tim made sure everyone was safe, and the ride was short and brisk. We traveled North from the shop, first on Gabrielle Roy, then Whittier, Forks, and then back South down Churchill, over the St. Vital bridge, and back to the shop. It was a no drop ride so we stopped and chatted. Everyone was in good spirits.

Thankyou Coach Nic! See you next Thursday!


A Great Local Fatbike Ride with Some Friends

Currie and Miles led the Woodcock Friday Fatbike ride around southern Winnipeg last night, and it was a blast! There was a group meeting prior to riding and it was generally accepted that tonight nobody really wanted to get muddy, and that we should stick to paved trails/limestone as much as possible. We were also  informed that the Friday rides are supposed to be a little more ‘low-key’ than the Thursday night’s single track rides, which can be intense.

Riding at night with lights was super fun, and it was a great way to spend the Friday evening with some friends and tear up the tarmac!

Thankyou Miles, Currie, and Curt! Curt’s strava of the ride is here

WCW: Fat Bike Club Rides – Starting 15 Nov 2018 on Thurs & Fri Nights

Posted for the Woodcock Cycle Works (WCW) Fat Bike Club Ride Leaders:

WCW Fat Bike Club Rides - Starting Nov 15th 2018 Pic copy

What is the Fat Bike Club?

We can always use someone to ride with and that’s what Fat Bike Ride Club is all about. It’s a chance for us to get on our bikes, enjoy the company of familiar faces and share that experience with you. Our rides are suitable for any cyclist and make it easy to get in your 2-hour training ride. Led by trained and experienced ride leaders, club rides are insured for your safety through the Manitoba Cycling Association. And when you register as a member of the WCW Ride Club you get a whole host of perks in store. Our first Fat Bike Ride Clubs will commence on November 15th and will run Thursdays and Fridays every week.  For more info get in touch with us

Now if you haven’t been on a WCW Fat Bike Club Ride then just click on the FBM Website Blog Posts Category “Woodcock Fat Bike Group Rides” on the right column of the website.

You may also want to check out a little video called “Hang Loose” I made from one of WCW’s Rides last winter:

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Ride Report: WCW Fat Bike Club Ride – 8 Mar 2018

Posted for Nicolas Robitaille (Woodcock Cycle Works Fat Bike Club Ride Leader):

Spotted a wild herd of fatties tonight!  They had to set those tire pressures lowww this evening.  The monkey trails were still mostly passable… with effort.  A bit of a walk-a-thon in spots but we did get a lot of mount/dismount action!  Great gang, perfect weather, and good times!

WCW FB Ride 8 Mar 2018 Pic

Ride Report: WCW Fatbike Club Ride – 1 March 2018

Posted for Nicolas Robitaille – WCW FB Ride Leader:

“Had another great WCW fatbike ride tonight!  It was sub-tropical today, so you might expect the trails to be quite icy/muddy/slushy, but no! They were super hardpacked with minimal ice!  So long as we avoided roads and sidewalks it was perfect, so we stuck to the monkey trails.”

WCW FB Ride 1 Mar 2018 Pic“Super fun and fast group tonight!” 

Ride Report: WCW’s Fat Bike Club Ride – 22 Feb 2018

Posted for Nicolas Robitaille – WCW Ride Leader:

Had a fantastic Woodcock Cycle Fat Bike Club group ride tonight!

WCW FB Ride 22 Feb 2018 - 1 copy

The trails were mostly well travelled and the weather was forgiving.

WCW FB Ride 22 Feb 2018 - 2

Stuck mostly to the monkey trails and got some technical riding in.

WCW FB Ride 22 Feb 2018 - 3

The crew had lots of fun tonight!

Ride Report: WCW Fat Bike Group Ride – 15 Feb 2018

Posted for Nicolas Robitaille of WCW:

Another fun Woodcock Cycle Fatbike Group Ride done & dusted!  A hardy group of six made it out tonight, along with newcomer Stephane.  The monkey trails were passable but the new snow made some sections challenging and different.  Made for an adventurous night on the monkey trails.

WCW FB Ride 15 Feb 2018 Pic

Ride Report: WCW’s Fat Bike Group Ride – 8 Feb 2018

Posted for Nicholas Robitaille at WCW:

Had a pretty great Fatbike club ride tonight … until I snapped my chain… twice in a row! 😦   Besides that, all the trails were in great condition and we gave the singletrack in the Royalwood Forest a good shred!  Another cold one, but this group doesn’t let it stop them!

WCW FB Ride 8 Feb 2018

Invite to WCW’s Fat Bike Club Ride – 6 PM Thurs 25 Jan 2018

Posted for WCW’s Fat Bike Club Ride Coordinator (say thanks to Nic!):

Man, this weather’s got us stoked. So stoked in fact that Marcus couldn’t help but practice his technical maneuvers in preparation for Thursday night’s Fat Bike Club Ride (6 Bells – 25 Jan 2018 – meet at the shop).

WCW FB Ride 25 Jan 2018 - Invite Pic

Woodcock Fat Bike Club Rides Banner

Fat Video Time: ‘Hang Loose’ Woodcock Fat Bike Club Ride

Seriously, ya need to get out to Woodcock Cycle Works on Thursday nights at 6:00 PM for a snappy and fun group fat bike ride.  All ya need (besides a fatbike and some lights) is to be a WCW club member or have an MCA license and sign a waiver.

I had a blast ‘Hanging Loose’ with them on the trails and paths for a few hours and following Nicolas’ lead … check it out:

Thursday Night Fatbike Rides from Woodcock Cycle Shop

Everyone had a great ride last Thursday night! We left the Woodcock shop at about 7 p.m. (after showing up for 6:30), rode North shadowing the Seine (because the river is not frozen yet), through Whittier heading East, over Esplande Riel, to the Forks, then back south on the East side of the Red River to the St. Vital Bridge, and back to the shop on St. Mary’s. Check with Woodcock Cycle, but there should be consistent rides every Thursday leaving the Shop at 6:30 PM (or 6:00 – check with them), with varying routes.