Merry Christmas Fellow Manitoba Fatties

Merry Christmas fellow Manitoba Fatties!

It’s been a great 2017 and as we look ahead to this winter … we see a season of fun group rides, races and adventures for sure!

Of course, tomorrow may bring some of you some new fat bikes or accessories to add to the fun!  It helps that Santa is a fellow member of our FBM ‘Fatty Crew’! 😉

Lindsay’s ‘Secret’ Fat Bike Trail: Crescent Drive Park

*Posted for Charles Burchill and Lindsay Gauld

So Charles made a nice video of Lindsay leading him around the little fat bike trail he has created in and around Crescent Drive park in Winnipeg.  Lindsay would like others to enjoy them and of course that will also help keep them packed (bonus – eh!).


Check out Charles’ video:

Charles had a few trail entry pointers:
“End of Holly (16 seconds) cross over South Drive, down the trail, go right, go right. If you are on Crescent drive enter right at the corner of of the chain link fence (47 seconds). If you park in the east parking lot – follow the trail on the north side of the parking lot (stay off the ski tracks) (1:20). I think there is also an entryway from crescent drive along the fence between the park and Thermëa.”

Have fun and say thanks to Lindsay if you see him! 🙂

Fat Video Time: 2017 Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Ride

Once again our 6th Annual Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Ride was a blast, with more than 55 riders taking part and having casual fun and connecting while riding and sharing stories over hot chili and drinks!  🙂
Check it out:
Thanks again to Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill for the great pics (especially our ‘iconic’ group picture), to my Lori K who hosted the chilifest (sore wrist precluded riding this year) and our ride organizers and guides Keith Holm, Guy Anthony and ‘Lou Fatinski’.  🙂

Fat Video Time: ‘Hang Loose’ Woodcock Fat Bike Club Ride

Seriously, ya need to get out to Woodcock Cycle Works on Thursday nights at 6:00 PM for a snappy and fun group fat bike ride.  All ya need (besides a fatbike and some lights) is to be a WCW club member or have an MCA license and sign a waiver.

I had a blast ‘Hanging Loose’ with them on the trails and paths for a few hours and following Nicolas’ lead … check it out:

Take it easy on the groomed trails (update: Wayne says it’s good to go ride!)

 Note: An update from Wayne Bishop – he has stated that it is ok to go ride!

From previous: The advice from Wayne Bishop and 2 Wheel Revolution is to stay off of the groomed trails for the immediate future.

Any traffic, whether fatbiking, pedestrian (walking and running), pet walking, skiing, will destroy the base that is being attempted to be set in the first few weeks of winter.

Wayne will let us know when is a better time to ride the groomed trails.

For more information please contact Wayne directly (he is on Facebook).



6th Annual Winnipeg GFBD Ride a HUGE success!

Wow, that was a BIG FAT BLAST of GFBD fun! 🙂

Once again our 6th Annual – 2017 Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Ride had more than 55+ local fatbikers out for a fun ride on trails, pathways and even the frozen Seine River, plus a chilifest get-together to swap fatbiking stories, make new friends and plan upcoming adventures!

Great fun times thanks to our official photographer Gregory C. McNeill and volunteers ride guides Keith Holm, Guy Anthony and ‘Lou Fatinski’.


So two of our GFBD Ride Guides – ‘Lou Fatinski’ and Keith Holm were so excited on the way to the Forks that they popped wheelies almost the whole way 😉
We gathered at the Forks at Noon and had a chat about upcoming fabiking rides and races. We also quickly discovered that everyone wanted to ride the longer route … cool! 🙂

So off we rode our fatbikes down to the Red River (well okay, we did gladly welcome a few friends who didn’t have a fatbike to ride, or like Bass – had loaned his to another – nice guy).
Keith Holm leads the way as we rode toward the Cdn Museum for Human Rights and the Esplanade Louis Riel Bridge.
Our lead guide Keith Holm is all smiles … even when not popping a wheelie! 🙂
Just across from the St Boniface Cathedral we rode down to the Red River again.
It’s quite the sight … a beautiful Winnipeg vista and 55+ Fatties riding down to our now classic GFBD photoshoot location with Gregory McNeill waiting to capture the scene.
Cruising down the steps from the St Boniface Cathedral to the GFBD Photoshoot by the Red River – Credit: Gregory McNeill
Official 2017 Winnipeg GFBD Ride Group Photo – Credit: Gregory McNeill (MCA Volunteer of the Year!)
Cruising along the Red River edge trail toward Whittier Park.
Back of the group riding along the Red River near Whittier Park – Credit: Blake Anderson
Cruising the Whittier Park trails.
Cruising the Seine River edge trails.
There he is … Gregory McNeill doing what he does so well … capturing pictures of us riding and making us look cool (well at least good)!
Riders on the Seine River edge trails – Credit: Gregory McNeill
Guy Anthony – super GFBD Ride Guide – was smiling during the whole ride (mind you most people do while riding a fatbike) 🙂 – Credit: Gregory McNeill
Nice photo of us riding down onto the Seine River – Credit: Blake Anderson
It was great to get down onto the Seine River …
Okay, so I step to the side to capture some footage and who almost runs into me? Come on David Ristau … really?! 😉
Conditions were excellent on the Seine River for an easy cruise … studded tires or not. 🙂
The Seine River was a great place for a large group fat bike ride! 🙂
Impromptu group photo I snapped when we were finishing our sweet ride down the Seine River.
After a short ride down some fairly quiet city streets, Keith lead the group to our Chilifest Piststop – Credit: Gregory McNeill
Yes – there were several fat bike parking options at our GFBD Chilifest Pitstop.
Time to park the bikes and chat about our love of fatbikes and …
… and make new friends and plans for future fatbiking adventures! 🙂

Lot’s more pictures and video’s to post, put for now make sure to check out Gregory McNeill’s flickr account GFBD post here:   Winnipeg GFBD 2017

or click on the images below to link there too …

Until next year … let’s keep ‘Rolling our Fatties’! 🙂


Fat Tom K

Winnipeg GFBD Ride Route Recce – It’s looking great – GIDDY UP!

Quick feedback from my GFBD Route Recce today – IT’S LOOKING GREAT!
The trails, pathways, quiet roads and even the Seine River is actually better than a few days ago!
That small amount of snow we got recently has mostly bonded to the previous snow and ice to create okay conditions on the trails and paths. The Seine River is looking very nice!

The pictures below follow the Wpg GFBD Ride “Longer Route”:
Longer Route – MapMyRide Link:

Here’s a photo dump from my recce today and a few from yesterday as well – click on the pics to start a slideshow:

So giddy up – saddle up on your ‘Fatties’ tomorrow, join the fun at the Forks at 12:00 Noon, check out everyone bikes and make new friends!

Oh yah, if you get ‘peck-ish’ after riding for an hour or so after the photoshoot, we have a chilifest arranged at a fatbiker friendly home near Kingston Park.  Afterwards, your can ride down Kingston Crescent to the Elm Park (BDI) Bridge and access the Churchill Drive Pathways and trails right back to the Forks (about 30 minutes).

#GFBD2017  #fatbikesrule … thewintertrails 😉

Fat Tom K

Winnipeg GFBD Ride – Route Map and Weather Factors

Here’s the Route Map for the GFBD Route.

We will meet at the Forks at Noon and ride over to the Group Photoshoot, then separate into the Group Routes and head off to the Chilifest Pitstop via road, trail and river (conditions allowing).

*Note: Due to the mild conditions, we may have to adjust the routing (effect on the Seine River – it’s solid frozen where we plan to ride, but if too much snow melts and it becomes too icy then we will adjust).

If the route(s) need to be mostly quiet and safe roads/pathways or just one shorter route – then so be it.

I will be checking it on Friday – fingers crossed.

See you all at the Forks on Saturday at 12:00 Noon.

Route – Full Loop Map (22.5 Km loop – only 15.1 Km from the Forks to the Chilifest Pitstop):

Longer Route – MapMyRide Link:

* We will be watching the conditions develop over the next few days with current icy-mess and and make whatever route adjustments we have to … so our Wpg GFDB Ride will be fun and as safe as possible. 

** There’s always risks when we step out our door in the winter – but that’s what we do as we embrace winter as just another great Manitoba season! 🙂

More details were posted earlier here:


Woot Woot – Here comes 2WR’s 2018 MB FatBike Race Series !!!

WOW – more Manitoba Fatbike Racing!!!

Once again Wayne Bishop and 2WR is keeping the MB ‘Fatty Flow Fun’ going into 2018! Can’t wait to be part of the fun by helping in any way that I can assist and racing my heart out too!

Here’s what Wayne had to say with about the race series announcement:
“It’s all coming together ! We are looking forward to getting out and doing our part to bring some good times to a few Sundays in the new year . Help keep
the amazing momentum rolling with promoting fat bikes in Manitoba . Registration is up for Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes brought to you by Lake of the Woods Brewing Company the generous support of Olympia on Portage and Bikes & Beyond. Among a host of others.”

Check this sweet video by Continue Digital about the 2017 Falcon Ridge FatBike Race, the MB FB Race Series and the growth of winter fatbiking in general:

Check out the details and register to race (or ride option) over at:

2017 Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Ride – 12 Noon Sat 2 Dec 2017

Giddy up ‘Fatties’, it’s time for our 6th Annual Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Ride on Saturday December 2nd 2017!
Last year we had 75+ riders out and we had a blast, so let’s make this year bigger, better and always about building community and having fun! 🙂
No costs … just bring a smile, your fatbike (or rent one), toque and a helmet of course.
We will meet outside at The Forks Canopy/Tower Atrium area at 12:00 Noon, organize and then head off on our ‘Media Ride’ at 12:15 (led by Keith Holm, ‘Lou Fatinski’, Guy Anthony, myself and others TBA) to ride across the Esplande Louis Riel Bridge to arrive at 12:30 at our usual Group Photoshoot on the East side of the Red River down from the St B Cathedral, where our very own super Fatbiker-Photographer Gregory McNeill will be waiting to capture our now-classic Winnipeg GFBD group photo.
After our group photo there will be several guided group rides of shorter to longer lengths. Depending on weather and road/trail/river conditions routes may change, but your current ride options will likely be:
Guided Shorter: About 60 minutes – heading east on quiet streets toward the Seine River (south of Marion) to access the river edge trail off of Dubuc St for short distance then onto the Seine River (well frozen safe section) south for about 15 of beautiful winding sheltered river riding until we exit west by Humboldt Ave and ride west via more quiet roads to Kingston Row/Crescent leading to our “Chilifest” pitstop at a fatbike-friendly home on Kingston Crescent near Kingston Park.
Guided Longer: About 90 minutes – heading through Whittier Park and south onto the Seine River edge trails until south of the Westeel Plant until just east of the top end of Youville St, where we will exit the shoreline and ride south on Youville St for three blocks, cross Marion via cross walks (light controlled) and four short blocks south to Dubuc St to head east until we can access the Seine River edge trails and follow the same route as the “Guided Shorter” ride … off of Dubuc St for short distance then onto the Seine River (well frozen safe section) south for about 15 of beautiful winding sheltered river riding until we exit west by Humboldt Ave and ride west via more quiet roads to Kingston Row/Crescent leading to our “Chilifest” pitstop at a fatbike-friendly home on Kingston Crescent near Kingston Park.
After ‘chillin’ time, you can head back to the Forks via Churchill Parkway directly to the Forks (30 minutes) or head homeward as best suits you. We will look as having guided groups heading back to the Forks leaving the Chilifest pitstop at 3-ish & 3:30-ish.
Let us know if you are able to be a ride guide (let’s make all the new riders feel welcome).
* Btw, we will be obeying all traffic signs on our group rides, though we hope to use as much trail as possible … and no one will be left behind. 🙂
More details (specific ride distances and maps, etc) will be posted shortly.


MCA Fat Bike Ride at Bison Butte – 1:00 PM 26 Nov 2017

Come on out to Bison Butte for an MCA sponsored Fat Bike Ride lead by Adrian Alphonso at 1:00 PM on Sunday 26 Nov 2017.

Adrian Alphonso showing his wheelie skills. Photo Credit: Gregory McNeill

Here’s your chance to checkout this awesome trail riding facility right in the city at Fort Whyte Alive.  If you have an MCA licence – excellent, if not – you can sign a waiver.  It’s open to the public.  More details here at MCA:

Sunday Afternoon Rides with Olympia Cycle

Last Sunday we met at Whittier at 1 p.m. for a combo skills ride/regular bike ride with Adrian Alphonso leading. We traversed South through the trails around the Seine River, East along Fermour trails – stopped for some jumps in Papoose Park, then kept going West to the St. Vital Bridge, and then North through the Churchhill drive trails back to Whittier. Stay tuned for more postings about rides in your community.


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