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Actif Epica 2019: Race Registration is Live

Posted for the Actif Epica Race Team (posted to the AE Site Registration Page today):

“Registration is now live for Actif Epica 2019, the weekend of February 15th-17th. Sign-up is available via Webscorer:

Actif Epica 2019 Registration - Webscorer Page

So giddy up Fatties … time to register and get training for a terrific winter ultra race challenge! 🙂

Need some perspective on the race then check out my video “Actif Epica Race 2014 – Meeting the Challenge”:

* BTW, when the video ‘appears’ to end at 3:49 – keep watching and you listen and be inspired by the Ultra Foot Racer (now avid fatbiker) Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill, when I walk into the finish with him along the Red River approaching the Forks!  This is exactly when G-Mac and I first bonded and fellow adventure friends and partners!  He is awesome in many ways – athlete, adventurer, photographer, volunteer, stalwart friend …

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Website ‘ReBoot’: All is well now! :-)

FYI, due to WordPress platform/template admin issues and the need for security modifications, a lot of content had to be reclaimed/reloaded and so …


… after a lot of work the site is back up to date and ready to roll – just in time for another winter season of ‘Rolling our Fatties’! 😉

Note: If you were a regular WP Follower or Email Follower of this site (50+ of you good folk were), then you will have to ‘Re-Follow’.  Sorry for the hassle.

Cheers, Fat Tom K
FBM Editor and WebMaster – almost as cool as a ChessMaster! 😉

Fatbiking at BHPP on the Oak Ridge Trail

Found these nice pics recently of some fall fatbiking on the Oak Ridge MTB Trail (Winter Fatbike & Snowshoe only) at Birds Hill Prov Park.

Oak Ridge is a terrific MTB singletrack trail developed by the local MTB cycling community and maintained by local volunteers in cooperation with MB Parks.

Oak Ridge Trail Fatbike 25 Sep 2018 - 1

Oak Ridge Trail has it’s trail head at the Parking Lot shared with the Bur Oak Self-guiding Interpretive Paved Path.

Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Map & TrailForks

In the past, we used to refer to Oak Ridge as Bur Oak; that is until it was recently named officially by MB Parks as Oak Ridge MTB Trail for use in the summer and in the winter for fatbikes.

Here’s the Oak Ridge Trailhead Sign and a handy Bike Repair Station (with tools and pump):
Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign & Bike Repair Station

Here’s a close up of the Oak Ridge Trailhead Sign:Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign 2

For winter fatbiking the “Minimum Tire Width 3.8 inches” and a recommended tire pressure of 8 PSI or lower to prevent rutting when the trail had been groomed by volunteers and Park staff.

Here’s the same sign with my addition of Red Letters and Highlights for emphasis:
Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign 2 FB Notes

Btw, here’s the link to the TrailForks online info page for the Oak Ridge Trail:
Oak Ridge MTB - FB Trail Forks Map

Here’s handy satellite view of the Oak Ridge Trail:
Oak Ridge Fatbike Trail - TrailForks Satellite View

Have fun out there on the Oak Ridge Trail whether you are on a MTB, Plus Bike or a Fatbike.

***  BUT once the snow arrives and the trail is packed and groomed (by volunteers and park staff) … it’s time for Fatbikes Only.
Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 19

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.02.36 PM

Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 26

Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 39

Cheers, Fat Tom K


Aerial Views of Bison Butte Trails Development

Here a few drone view pictures shared by Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution showing some of the recent development at Bison Butte (located at Fort Whyte Alive in Winnipeg) that he has been helping Alex Man and others accomplish recently.

Check it out:

Bison Butte Aerial Views 19 Jul 2018 - 1

Bison Butte Aerial Views 19 Jul 2018 - 2

Bison Butte Aerial Views 19 Jul 2018 - 3

If you see Wayne, Alex or any of the volunteers; make sure you say a huge thanks!

For those not familiar with Bison Butte, check out this TrailForks weblink:

Bison Butte TrailForks Map - Sat View

Cheers, Fat Tom K

The Gear Polar Explorer Eric Larson uses to Survive Fat Biking in Antarctica

Check out the ‘Bicycling Magazine‘ article by Polar Explorer Eric Larson, who I met in our local MEC store a few months ago and chatted out fatbiking and possible future adventures …

Eric Larson & Tom Kolesnik at MEC Wpg Jan 2018
Eric Larson and Tom Kolesnik in Winnipeg MEC store – Jan 2018

Eric was in town to pick up some gear and then head out onto Lake Winnipeg to be Lead Instructor on his 2018 “Polar Travel Training Course” (which included our American fatbiking friend Bradley D. Paul, who took part in our “2017 Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover” adventure).

Check out Eric’s video of that training course:

Back to the Bicycling Magazine article – check it out online HERE and below:

Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 1
Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 2
Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 3
Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 4
Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 6
Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 5
Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 8
Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 7

Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 10

Fatbiking Antarctica - Eric Larson Bucycling Article - 9

We Remember Alfred Barr: RIP since 8 March 2017

Today is a tough day for many of us!  One year ago we lost a friend and fellow fatbiker adventurer, who died training as an RCAF SAR Technician, so that he could be ready to answer the call to respond to any dangerous mission to rescue his fellow Canadians in distress!  For many, losing Alfred was the loss of a loved one, family member and a person they respected and looked up to!

Today we remember with sadness, but also with thanks for having known such a kind, compassionate, brave man who shared his strong ethical character ‘on his sleeves’!

Alfred Barr Fatbiking Poster for Memorial Service

After last weekend, when we rode in tribute to Alfred during our “2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover” adventure, it somehow does not hurt quite as much to face this day …

Alfred Barr RIP Collage

Alfred – you are not forgotten my friend!  RESCUE

Fat Tom K

Congrats to Nina & Dan: Alaska ITI 350 Race Finishers

WOW!  Super congratulations to both Nina Gassler (Honourary Manitoba Fatbiker) and our very own Dan Lockery for finishing the Alaskan Iditarod Trails Invitational (ITI) 350 mile race on their fatbikes!  The conditions were tough and they rose to the challenge!  Super congrats to Nina, who was the Women’s 350 Champion!

ITI 350 Alaska Race 2018 Results - Nina & Dan

Recce Report: Conditions look great for our upcoming Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Adventures

Very interesting and successful Lake Winnipeg Recce!  Huge thanks to Kevin Champagne and his wife Louise, who arranged for a third snowmobile for me to ride as we rode out from Grand Marais toward Gimli.

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 1

We had to find an initial crossing point just west of Grand Marais through a field of ice chunk pop ups and minor pressure ridge – no problem. 

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 4

Pretty good conditions on the lake with plenty of snow on otherwise clear ice and sections of snow drift but not too deep.

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 2

Found a nice campsite with a bowl of snow surrounded by big and small ice chunks sticking up and one large one at the ‘entry’! 

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 3

Good track made all the way about 85% across and then we came to a large and long (NE-SW) pressure ridge that was dicey to cross without a ‘ramp-plank’ (we can arrange that for Saturday). You could see the harbour area in general but it’s still about 4 Kms.

Map - 2018 'Alfred Barr' Lake Wpg Crossing & Campover 2

Anyways we cruised back over our same tracks and hopefully the mild conditions this week with overnight -10C ish temps will bond the snow to the ice and firm up the track we made.

Recce of Lake Wpg with Kevin Champagne 25 Feb 2018 - 0

Big Picture – looking good!   We will need to monitor the weather and make a few provisions, but the basic plan still looks fine!

Cheers, Fat Tom K

Invite to RM Natl Park for a Fatbike Workshop and Group Rides: 10 Feb 2018

Posted for Adrain Alphonso with info from RMNP:

Try winter cycling in RMNP!

Join cycling enthusiast and former area resident Adrian Alphonso at a free outdoor workshop as he explains some of the finer points of winter cycling, the morning of February 10, 2018.  In the afternoon, Adrian will lead guided rides for visitors on two hour-long outings.

RMNP Fatbike Workshop 10 Feb 2018 Pic 3

Bring your own bike, or register in advance with Friends of RMNP at 204-848-4037 to rent your bike. Events take place at the RMNP Learning Centre, 154 Columbine Drive in Wasagaming. Number of places limited for outings.

RMNP Fatbike Workshop 10 Feb 2018 copy

RMNP Fatbike Workshop 10 Feb 2018 Trail Map

RMNP Fatbike Workshop 10 Feb 2018 Pic 2

RMNP Fatbike Workshop 10 Feb 2018 Pic 4

2WR Report: Good News from Falcon for Fatbike Racing Ahead

Posted for Wayne Bishop of 2 Wheel Revolution:
*Editor Note:  Wayne is referring to how awesome the fatbike trail grooming and support for his upcoming MB Fatbike Race on 14 Jan 2018 at Falcon Ridge Resort is looking …

“Out of my mind…. so happy and humbled by the support of my family, old friends, new friends and newly aquatinted riding mates. 
It takes so many people to make a success of these races. So many talented people that make 2WR what it is! 
Locals supporting locals….so many amazing humans have aligned for one day . You are all stars in my eyes. HUMBLED .Thank you for your time, vision, expertise and blessing!”

Falcon 8 Jan 2018 Report Pics 1

Falcon 8 Jan 2018 Report Pics 5

Falcon 8 Jan 2018 Report Pics 2

Falcon 8 Jan 2018 Report Pics 4

MB Fat Bike Race Series 2018 Poster

Invite for Actif Epica Recon Ride: 7 Jan 2018

Posted for Dan Lockery:

Happy New Year!

We figure the best way to welcome the New Year is to get out and scout the trail. Come join us!

Date: Sunday, January 7th, 2018

Time: 9:00am

Location: Meet at the South side of Senkiw Suspension Bridge (…/data=!3m1!1e3!4m8!4m7!1m5!1m1!1s0x5…).

Purpose: To scout the Actif Epica course South of the Senkiw bridge heading toward Ridgeville and going as far as we can South toward the border along the Crow Wing Trail.

Who: The Trail Crew (Dallas, Pete and Dan) will be riding at a slow rolling pace (on fat bikes) and would love it if you brought ANY type of bike and joined them (bring friends on bikes too!).

The Plan: To go have a look at this section of the route, take a few pictures and enjoy a fun, sociable ride-out from South of the suspension bridge toward the CAN/US border and then return, following the Crow Wing Trail. The total distance will be approximately 40km. We will roll out at 9am and estimate the total ride time to be somewhere between 3-4 hours. In case you are late setting off, you can follow along with the blue-and-white-arrow Crow Wing Trail markers and catch up with us along the route as we will be moving at a comfortable pace and stopping to take pictures now and then. Also, there will likely be a post ride discussion over coffee/food at a local establishment should you feel so inclined.

Important Note: All participants join us at their own risk (e.g. please be safe, wear appropriate winter riding clothing, a helmet, bring blinky lights for improved visibility, enough food and water for the ride and a basic repair kit). Citing a famous quote, “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU”, so please respect the nature of a winter riding adventure, it can be unforgiving.

Hope to see you on Sunday!