Fatbike “Bivy A Month (BAM) Challenge”: Westman Steven & Fat Tom K

So if you haven’t noticed that Fat-Bike.com has been doing this “Bivy A Month (BAM) Challenge” thing on their website, where they challenge fatbikers to get out for an overnight fatbike camping outing – Bivouac (Bivy) style; then check out this link to their website BAM blog posts (complete with videos):

Anyways, a few days back I get a call from my bud ‘WestMan’ Steven Sloat who lives and rides out west in the Shilo-Brandon area saying:  “Hey Tom, I’m going to be out in Winnipeg for a few days working at the 17 Wing Air Base (he’s an Army Officer) and hey if you’re not to busy at work (I’m an Air Force Officer at 17 Wing) and stuff, let’s go for a ride and a bivy”.?

So giddy up, we met up on fully loaded fatbikes and rode west of the city to a perfect wooded camping spot (not far from Beaudry Park), cooked up some grub and set up camp (in the dark of course) …BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 0a

Since the forecast had a good percentage chance of rain-snow mix, I decided to go with a classic bivy sac with a hooped area at the head area – all I needed and cozy …
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 1

Steven opted to bring the fly to his 2-Person light weight MSR tent (good call) …
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 2

Good thing his setup was roomy, cuz apparently Steven ‘transforms’ during the night! 😉
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 3

As it turns out the wet weather skirted us and we enjoyed fairly clear skies and only a bit of frost …BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 6

We had decided to forgo a full campsite breakie, in favour of an early rise, pack and ride into Headingly to Nick’s Inn (a cyclists’ favourite) for a hot and hardy breakfast! 🙂

Our quick pack up did afford some time for sunrise photos:
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 7

BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 8

The ride heading east was on dry gravel and pavement was a breeze and scenic:
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 9

Nick’s Inn – a welcome sight and refuge of comfort! 🙂

Then it was off to the north and east on gravel roads back into Winnipeg …
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 12

Then onto the Silver ‘Yellow Ribbon’ Multi-Use Pathway …
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 13

… to Canadian Forces Base Winnipeg (17 Wing Air Base) to drop off Steven (he had meetings) and then I had a nice ride across the city ahead to get back home …
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 14

My route took me to the Assiniboine Park Footbridge …
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 15

and too the AP Duck Pond for a pitstop to catch up on Steven posting pics all over social media – because sharing is all part of the fun! 🙂
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 16

Of course, two can play at the social media sharing ‘game’, so I made sure Steven got a good view of my last pitstop … the Bridge Drive Inn Ice Cream Shop! 🙂
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 18

So ended our little ‘micro adventure’ Fatbike BAM Challenge response from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Eh! 🙂
BAM 30 Sep 2018 - Steven & Tom - 17

Thanks Steven for getting us out for a little BAM adventure!  Good fun! 🙂

Cheers, Fat Tom K


Fatbiking at BHPP on the Oak Ridge Trail

Found these nice pics recently of some fall fatbiking on the Oak Ridge MTB Trail (Winter Fatbike & Snowshoe only) at Birds Hill Prov Park.

Oak Ridge is a terrific MTB singletrack trail developed by the local MTB cycling community and maintained by local volunteers in cooperation with MB Parks.

Oak Ridge Trail Fatbike 25 Sep 2018 - 1

Oak Ridge Trail has it’s trail head at the Parking Lot shared with the Bur Oak Self-guiding Interpretive Paved Path.

Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Map & TrailForks

In the past, we used to refer to Oak Ridge as Bur Oak; that is until it was recently named officially by MB Parks as Oak Ridge MTB Trail for use in the summer and in the winter for fatbikes.

Here’s the Oak Ridge Trailhead Sign and a handy Bike Repair Station (with tools and pump):
Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign & Bike Repair Station

Here’s a close up of the Oak Ridge Trailhead Sign:Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign 2

For winter fatbiking the “Minimum Tire Width 3.8 inches” and a recommended tire pressure of 8 PSI or lower to prevent rutting when the trail had been groomed by volunteers and Park staff.

Here’s the same sign with my addition of Red Letters and Highlights for emphasis:
Oak Ridge MTB - Fatbike Trail at BHPP - Sign 2 FB Notes

Btw, here’s the link to the TrailForks online info page for the Oak Ridge Trail:
Oak Ridge MTB - FB Trail Forks Map

Here’s handy satellite view of the Oak Ridge Trail:
Oak Ridge Fatbike Trail - TrailForks Satellite View

Have fun out there on the Oak Ridge Trail whether you are on a MTB, Plus Bike or a Fatbike.

***  BUT once the snow arrives and the trail is packed and groomed (by volunteers and park staff) … it’s time for Fatbikes Only.
Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 19

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.02.36 PM

Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 26

Bur Oak Fatbiking 11 Dec 16 - 39

Cheers, Fat Tom K


Fat Photo of the Month: Sunset Beach – Fatbike Dave’s Version

As were say good bye to summer holidays, we can look back to lots of adventures, full days of fun and some fine sunsets …

Fortunately for us our prolific beach rider Dave Cushnie has capture a sweet Sunset on The Beach with his Fatbike Version:

Dave Cushnie Fatbike - Lake Wpg 1 Sep 2018

Thanks again Dave for inspiring us to capture all the fun of fatbiking! 🙂

Cheers, Fat Tom K