We are rolling

Fat Ian’s MFB Post:

Yesterday felt like a big day in my fat bike world.  I woke up and there was a dusting of snow on my garden (probably frost, but it looked like snow), I finished a first draft of a race plan for Actif Epica (more on that coming soon), went for a sweet ride in the evening, and when I came home, I exchanged emails with Ben from twenty2cycles.

On the ride – the first Wednesday night ride – was a pleasant roll out the Harte Trail.  Four of us – Al, Guy, Deanna and me had some great conversations and pledged to carry on Fat Wednesdays.  Guy suggested he’d host a Seine River ride as soon as there is solid river ice (sounds great).

On the emails with Ben – twenty2cycles, out of Colorado, is trying to build “the” fat bike calendar.  I contributed our weekly ride and the Actif Epica event (Feb 18th, be there or be square).  You can check them out (and their nice looking ti snow bike) online or on Facebook or Twitter, and check back in a week or so when they add a bunch of new content including an updated calendar that should include Manitoba details.