Four Fatties Forage For Fun

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Finally got my butt (and my Mr. Pugsley) out to a WNR tonight.  Met up with Ian, Hal and Serge (hey there ‘Chief’ [it’s a military thing] – it was good chatting with you on the trail).

Four Fatties …

Four Fatties Ride 1

We linked up at the Assiniboine Forest and Hal gave us the route plan:  Forest – Harte Trail to Perimeter – South to Wilkes-ish – ‘look’  for a good connection west to Hall Rd and then north back onto the Harte Trail to return.  Giddy up …

Four Fatties Ride 2

Turns out all the narrow Forest paths and wider trails were hard packed snow and the Harte Trail was like a highway (for fatties that is). Conditions were pretty nice at -5C for a night winter ride and only the northern breeze out in the open made me glad I brought my ski goggles. The two hour pedal was just what I hoped for … a good blast with some fellow  fat tire enthusiasts … with just an element of uncertainty …Four Fatties Foraging For Fun … in the Fields … Good Times 🙂