Greetings from the lonely fatbiker in Westman!

Fat Steve’s Post:

Hey all,

Thanks to FatIan, I’m now up and running on this blog!  Name’s Steve, I’m posted to CFB Shilo out here close to Brandon, and I’m LONELY!

I’ve got a couple of other guys who are just commuting right now, but nobody has shown any interest so far in doing any group rides.  I’m the only one out here in WESTMAN with a snow bike, as far as I know, so few people are willing to take their Mountain Bikes off-road in the winter.

Anyway, I’d be quite interested in knowing if there are any other fat-bikers out here in WESTMAN and getting together for some WESTMAN group rides.  I’d also be interested in getting together with the bulk of you on this site whom I’m assuming are mostly from Winnipeg and area?!

I’m off between 17 Dec and 9 Jan, so hopefully I can find some time to get together with some other fatbikers over the holidays.

Talk to you all soon.

PS. Ian, I won’t be able to make the briefing at Olympia tomorrow night.  I have to drive in friends to the Airport on Sunday, so likely won’t have any room for my bike to participate in the group ride that day.  At the very least though, perhaps we can meet up somewhere and have a coffee.  I don’t mind the odd beer, but I do have to drive back to Shilo.