La Salle River Ride

Fat Dan’s Post:

re you looking for another opportunity to test out your winter riding setup?  Lindsay is planning a ride on the La Salle river starting from La Barriere Park at 10am tomorrow morning (January 2).  The plan is to head West along the river for about an hour and a half and then come back along the same route with a potential stop to get a bite to eat in La Salle on the way home.

All are welcome, so if you are interested in coming out, we will be meeting at the parking lot in La Barriere Park (@10am), just past the bridge, heading South on Waverley.

La Salle River 1

The last time I was riding out there with FatHal a couple of weeks ago the conditions were pretty fast with only a fine dusting of snow.  I’m guessing not much has changed except the snow might have a hard crust on top of it due to warmer weather melt and then freezing again.

La Salle River 2

Hope to see you out there!