‘Fatties Fit Fine’ Video – Wed Nite Ride 8 Feb 12

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Last week’s MB Fat Bike Wed Nite Ride was a time not just for the Fatties to ‘Fit Fine’, but also ‘Film Fine’ (Global TV showed up to check it all out and interview ‘FatIan’ wrt the ‘Actif Epica’ connection).  “Fatties Fit Fine” is labelled on most of Surley’s bikes (Karate Monkey 29-er, Pugsley Fat Bike, Moonlander Super Fat Bike …), as they are all fat tire friendly!

Here’s my little video salute:
‘Fatties Fit Fine’ – MB Fat Bike WNR 8-2-12

A great WNR in Assiniboine Forest.  Start location was normal, but the routine was not, as our eager TV reporter had us ‘busy’ for a while.  That was all good, but slowed things down for a while and made for a cold start. Fortunately, “Muddy Guy” was up for some faster paced riding after the group split up.  That gave both of us a good workout and some Fat Tire winter singletrack sweetness! 🙂