Tuscobia’s truths

Fat Dallas’ MFB Post:

I was mulling over what worked for me at Tuscobia and what didn’t and here are a few tidbits I learned.

– Fork mounted lights are the bees knees.  Don’t laugh them off like I did. Once you put one on you will never in a million years go back.

-Endomorph tires are your worst enemy. Change them as fast possible and get something with some tread on it. It’s like free training and 10x the control.

-People don’t respect vests enough. Give one a try and thank me later.

-Don’t be afraid of changing your tire pressure as the conditions change. Seriously, you have a great metal pump ( hint ,hint) you bought so use it if you need to firm things up. Soft for soft, hard for hard……..easy enough to remember.

-Mix up your food choices. The longer the ride the greater the diversity. Don’t be like me and bulk buy then decide mid ride that the menu makes you sick thinking about it. Why do I always buy so many pepperoni sticks?

-Dogwood poggies are worth their weight in gold. At no time EVER while riding your bike will you regret the expense.

-Try the vapour barrier technique on your feet. I held off on this one also and proved to be an idiot yet again.

-Ride in every type of trail and snow conditions you can. Snow biking is far more technical than people give it credit for. In fact to emphasize my point I’m going all caps. RIDE IN EVERY SNOW CONDITION YOU CAN FIND.

-Ride with your friends because friends are awesome.

– Always listen to Lindsay.