WNR 23 Jan 13: Frosty – but fun!

Fat Tom K’s Post:

Thanks to KC and Cory for the good company and motivation to get out last night on my 3rd long-ish night ride in a row.  It was around -30C most of the ride and we got a slow start due a mechanical of mine, but we soon warmed up as we headed south from the Forks with Cory leading us on his ‘Churchill Parkway – Seine River Loop’:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-1Pathways were all hardpacked and smooth cruising:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-2Most of the river edge trails were rideable and the Seine River track was solid from the Windsor Park area up until a bit south of Provencher Blvd (just north of Kavanagh Park).  The Seine River Parkway trail was mostly rideable from there north to the Robins Donuts at Provencher:

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-3Here’s one last screen cap from my GoPro cam, before the frigid temps killed both batteries (batt backpack does not equal 2 x life in the cold!):

Fat-Tire-Ride-23-Jan-13-4Thanks for ‘pulling’ me along guys.  Good times!