Ride proposals for Sunday Feb 3rd

Fat KC’s Post:

Have got 2 ride proposals: (1) launch from the Petersfield Hotel and ride Snoman trails through to Chalet Beach Road and onto Lake Wpg.  Ride the lake to Gimli’s Lakeview Hotel for food and beverage and ride back.  Projected 80 kms return – comfortably paced and fully equipped (lights and other necessities).  This ride can be abbreviated – Petersfield to Wpg Beach might reduce ride to ~60 kms.  I have seen some stretch of this trail and it looks very doable.  I’m told the lake is tabletop.  Or (2) Launch from the 59’er gas station and ride the floodway trail to Lockport.  Take the Red River from Lockport up to Selkirk for food and beverage.  Projected (guessing) 50 kms return.

I am riding this Sunday either way.  Company would be nice.  I’d prefer a Lake Wpg run but riding the Red is ok too.  …disregard the Gimli to Grand Beach ride (on map)…UNLESS SOMEONE’S INTERESTED!  …Goal is to have some fun and enjoy the day; if we make whatever destination – great and if not then that’s ok too.

And congratulations to those who participated in Arrowhead.