Polar Bear Double Crossing … Lake Winnipeg by Fat bike

Fat Tom K Productions

Tom's Polar Bear Double Cross Map

Gregory McNeil contacted me a few days back about an article he was working on for Community News Commons about the Polar Bear Run (winter run event across Lake Winnipeg) last year and the first inclusion of Fat Bikers.  I joined Ian Hall, KC Turczak, Pete McAdams and Jason Carter as one of the ‘fattie’ riders who made the Double Crossing.  It was a tough 8 hour slog, but awesome and worth all the effort to earn the amazingly surreal views … especially at sunrise!

Here’s Gregory’s article – enjoy and be motivated:

Photo Dump tells the story of our ride!

Pic 1
My trusty steed … ‘Mr. Pugsley’ (Surly Pugsley 3.7 Inch wide tires with pressure down to 6 PSI = floatation without flatting)

Polar Bear Double Cross - Screen Cap 3
It was a cold, dark and windy (as in snow wind-drifts) tough start …

Polar Bear Double Cross - Screen Cap 6
Jason Cater leading as we cross many new/soft wind-drifts (notice the snowmobile trail marker on the…

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