Time for a revival?

Fat Cory’s Post:

Just seeing if anyone is still alive here. Anyone for a fattie ride on November 5th ?

  1. Yo Cory. Fattie season is upon us and yes we need to gather the herd soon. Unfortunately, I have plans on the Nov 5th, so no go for me, but I’m sure fatties will be a rolling …

  2. We’re planning a Fat Tire Bike ride for Tuesday at Grand Beach for 09:30.

  3. I would love to, but I am going to spend a lazy day with my girls. What is on the radar for this weekend?

  4. Heading out to Riding Mountain National Park (Whirlpool Lake) for a little camping and a whole lot of Fat Tire Actif Epica secret training

  5. I just got back from there

  6. Any snow out there?

  7. We did Reeve’s on Saturday. There was just the odd skiff here and there. All the mud at the bottom was frozen. The stream is still flowing pretty good. A non issue if you have water proof boots. There are some ice covered rocks you can inch across . We did the loop. I was really suggesting shuttling to avoid the climb back up.
    We hit Brandon Hills on Sunday. Same conditions snow wise.

  8. Thanks for the info. We’re hoping to do Reeve’s as well. Did you do the road, Gorge Creek or Reeve’s in reverse on the way back up? There was a couple of cm’ s worth of snow coverage at Grand Beach today. More snow coming the next few days.

  9. We did full Reeve’s loop, then climbed to Jet junction.

  10. Ken can you email me?

  11. Check your email Cory.

  12. I did, and I sent you a reply. I just resent in case it was stuck in lala land.

  13. I am assuming you never got my email this time either? I am getting yours. Maybe my replies are going to your trash?
    Anyhoo I was wondering how Whirlpool went? I had some questions. Is there still wood there to burn? Is the out house still open? Is the shelter still open? How was the road into Whirlpool?

  14. Nope, not getting your emails??? A tad too much snow to do Reeve’s. Went as far as we could on the North Escarpement. Firewood freshly stocked up at Whirlpool Lake. The out house stays open year round. Heated seat inoperative. The shelter at Whirlpool Lake is somewhat winterized (the 2 stoves help) The road in was snow covered bit doable.