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2014 Global Fat Bike Day in Winnipeg, Canada – It was a SUPER BIG FATTIE Blast!!!

It all started at The Forks in the Heart of Winnipeg – where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers join and our adventures begun.  45+ riders joined Winnipeg’s GFBD Ride at some point along the way.

First we crossed the Red River via the Riel Esplanade Foot Bridge.GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 9 GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 13

Then over to the St. Boniface Cathedral for our first group photo.GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 17

Then back down to the Red River …
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 18

For our official photo-shoot …
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 20

… with Gregory McNeill ready and waiting.GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 24 

After a bit of “work with me – work with me” … ‘Money Shot’!
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Whittier Park got us back onto the trails where fatties belong!
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 34

The Seine River was  just recently hard frozen and rideable …
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 41

Hard frozen?  Yes siree!
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 53

Riding the Seine this early in the season was a bonus!
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 51

Back onto the road … necessary to ride to the Casa PitStop.
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 58

Where all riders could rest, feast and ‘re-hydrate’ 🙂
GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 63 GFBD in Winnipeg 2014 - 66


Global Fat Bike Day thrived in Winnipeg in 2014!
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Grand Beach Fat Bike Throw Down #3: Even More Awesome in Pictures!

Fat Tom K Productions

Ok, so there are manyothersuperlatives that I could use to describe how AWESOME this past Sunday’s Throw Down #3 was, but hey, #1 was Awesome, #2 was More Awesome and yes, #3 was Even More AWESOME!

Our happy herd (think Big Fat Manitoba Bisons!) of 9 fatties started even earlier in the morning, due to rising spring temps, but in the end conditions turned out to be stellar!

We cruised the Grand Beach ski trails on our low-pressure fat tires and only left dimple marks behind!
The XC skiers we met and shared our potluck feast with were unanimous in their awe at how smoothly we floated on the packed snow trails and marveled at how cool are bikes are … “you can’t ride a fat bike without smiling“!

GB FB TD 3 - Greg's Pic 4 Photo Credit: Gregory McNeill

With all the sweet GoPro video footage I have from all three…

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Fri Night Fat Bike Trail Ride – Picture Perfect!

Fat Tom K Productions

With snow melting temperatures on the way, this past Friday night’s trail ride at Assiniboine Park and Forest was billed as a last chance for us Winnipegger fat bikers to  trail ride on snow.  Today the snow is melting and our prediction is coming true.
So, how was Friday night’s ride? … Picture Perfect!Fat Bike Night Ride 4 Apr 14 - Handle Bar As you can see by these screen caps and the smiles on all ten of our faces (while riding and as we relaxed at Joe Black’s Café) after 2 & 1/2 hours of cruising pathways and carving up snow packed single track!  Good times and worth of a snappy video.   But for now, check out the gallery:

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Grand Beach Fat Bike Throw Down #2: More awesomeness in pictures!

Fat Tom K Productions

Well, since we had such a blast cruising our fatties on the rolling Grand Beach trails on Throw Down #1, we headed back out there this past Sunday for Throw Down #2 … upping the ante with a potluck feast after!  Fatbiking and Bacon … they just seem perfect together!  It was a bit warmer; so we started sooner to maximize the firm snow conditions and all was well.
All was well that is … until we were ‘photo ambushed’ by Greg McNeill.
Sorry guys, ‘sneaky’ Greg got me to give up our trail secrets.
Greg's Photo-Ambush 1 Greg's Photo-Ambush 3

Greg's Pics 1 Photo Credit: Gregory McNeill

Check out Greg’s handy work here:
Greg’s – ‘Rocky Mountain Hiker Part Deux’ Photostream

*UPDATE:  Check out Greg’s article in Community News Common:
A little known piece of Manitoba Paradise

Check out my GoPro screen caps here:

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Global Fat Bike Day 2013 in Winterpeg

Today’s challenge in Winterpeg (sometimes called Winnipeg) is that the name often comes true. A couple of days ago, 17cm(6+ inches) of snow fell, with the temperature plummeting a day later. On the drive to the start of the GFBD ride, temperatures were -27C ( -17 F) with wind chill pushing things down to -35C, (it warmed to a balmy -24 at the end).


GFBD-Winnipeg-2 (1)

A surprise for all of us at this time of year. While many chose to snuggle with their significant others, a few brave soles started the ride at 6 a.m. with our usual ride out to Nick’s Cafe and back via the Harte Trail and then the Assiniboine Forest, Park and River edge trails towards the Forks.

A few of us ended at the Forks; home of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.
Brrrr… ‘Winterpeg’ lived up to is nick name and we fatbikers embraced it!