Video Time: 2015 Fat Bike Birkie Race

The 2015 Fat Bike Birkie Race held at Cable, Wisconsin, USA, on March 7th was once again the BIGGEST FAT BIKE RACE ON THE PLANET with over 800 registered racers (3/4s on the 47 Km loop and the rest on a 20 Km loop)!
Just like last year, it was a blast to race and capture the event on video … this year I used a $5 broomstick to raise my helmet-cam up to get a ‘high pan’ of the BIG FAT MASS of racers  … kinda envious of the drone video guy though! 🙂

Fat Tire Biking continues to explode around the world and no where was it more evident than this past weekend at the Birkie Ski Trails complex, with just 2 days access for fat bike racers to check out the amazing trails, in great conditions (-5 C overnight and +2 at race end), expertly groomed by the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation and all their organizers and volunteers!
The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation once again but on a world class race event and handled the merry mass of fat bikers!
Definitely coming back next year and EVERY YEAR!