“Fattie Snowfest Foray” – Oh Yah! :-)

Tom Kolesnik’s Post:

Let’s just say we’ve been waiting a long time for this snowstorm and were quick to take advantage of the new snow last night … gathers some riders and voila – “Fattie Snowfest Foray”:

Good times were had by ‘Skinny’ Charles Burchill (thanks for the ride idea), David Rustau, Luke Friesen, Keith Holm, Serge Brasseau, Bass Bagayogo and Fat Tom K.  Once the tire pressures were dropped down (like < 6 PSI Low) it was all good and rideable.  Great to be laying down fresh new tracks! 🙂

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Check our Fat Luke’s tire rim ‘snow ribbon’ after spending more than an hour in Fat Tom K’s ‘Fat Cave’:
Fattie Snowfest Foray 16 Dec 15 - 22… there’s some BIG ‘FAT MAGIC’ going on in there 😉