FAT LEVELS SKILLS CLINIC #4 “Masters of Mud & Snow” – SUNDAY 27 NOV 2016

How does the song go?  “Let the good (FAT) times roll, Let … !” 😉
Fatlevels Clinic #3 was BIG success last week, so Jason’s called for #4 and here it is:


To Quote Jason’s Plan:
“Masters of Mud & Snow: Fat Levels Skill Clinic #4
Sunday NOVEMBER 27 at 1:00 p.m. at

IF it is dry conditions: St. Norbert – MEET at Sunrise Cafe & King Express, 3564 Pembina Hwy, on Elise Ave and Hwy 75;

[ IF it is wet conditions, we will go to Burr Oak – decision will be made on this thread next Saturday. ]  Note: Jason is referring to the “thread” on our FBM FaceBook Closed Group – HERE.

[ DO NOT use the train bridge to access the St. N. trails!! CN & RCMP are just about a ruthless as a real train! We will show you the safe access route. ]

Late Comers: Indicate that you will be late on this thread and we’ll set up a text system to let you know exactly where we are. Super late comers may be better off starting from La Barriere park.

Liam Moham will instruct using the St N trail system that awkwardly connects to the La Barriere systems. This area is a main fat bike playground when the river is frozen, so we will explore it when the leaves are down and the riding is a bit easier. Excellent trails for newbie riders, with longer gravel road sections/Brunkild Dike for Actif Epica training too.

No set cost, but bring some cash for the Pros.
BYO food, hot drink, and/or cash for post clinic java brew.
Fat bikes only, please (borrow, don’t steal, one if you have to).
RSVP pls on this thread so that we have an idea of numbers.”

I can’t make it this time, but Jason and Liam will be coordinating and leading, so good times will be had by all who attend!  Take lots of pics – eh! 🙂

2 thoughts on “FAT LEVELS SKILLS CLINIC #4 “Masters of Mud & Snow” – SUNDAY 27 NOV 2016”

  1. You betcha Kevin. Jason. Liam, Adrian and our group are savvy to protecting the trails. Thanks for all your trail work and advocacy! 🙂


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