FAT LEVELS SKILLS CLINIC #4 “Masters of Mud & Snow” – SUNDAY 27 NOV 2016

How does the song go?  “Let the good (FAT) times roll, Let … !” 😉
Fatlevels Clinic #3 was BIG success last week, onto #4 and here it is:


“Masters of Mud & Snow: Fat Levels Skill Clinic #4
Sunday NOVEMBER 27 at 1:00 p.m. at

IF it is dry conditions: St. Norbert – MEET at Sunrise Cafe & King Express, 3564 Pembina Hwy, on Elise Ave and Hwy 75;

[ IF it is wet conditions, we will go to Burr Oak – decision will be made on this thread next Saturday. ]

[ DO NOT use the train bridge to access the St. N. trails!! CN & RCMP are just about a ruthless as a real train! We will show you the safe access route. ]

Late Comers: Indicate that you will be late on this thread and we’ll set up a text system to let you know exactly where we are. Super late comers may be better off starting from La Barriere park.

Liam Moham will instruct using the St N trail system that awkwardly connects to the La Barriere systems. This area is a main fat bike playground when the river is frozen, so we will explore it when the leaves are down and the riding is a bit easier. Excellent trails for newbie riders, with longer gravel road sections/Brunkild Dike for Actif Epica training too.BYO food, hot drink, and/or cash for post clinic java brew.

Fat bikes only, please (borrow, don’t steal, one if you have to).

2 thoughts on “FAT LEVELS SKILLS CLINIC #4 “Masters of Mud & Snow” – SUNDAY 27 NOV 2016”

  1. You betcha Kevin. Jason. Liam, Adrian and our group are savvy to protecting the trails. Thanks for all your trail work and advocacy! 🙂


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