Time for our Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Ride – Sat 3 Dec 2016 – 11:30 AM

Giddy up ‘Fatties’, it’s time for 5th Annual Winnipeg Global Fat Bike Day Ride on Saturday December 3rd 2016 starting at 11:30 AM at the Forks. We had 70+ rider out last year and we had a blast, so let’s make this year bigger and better!


We will meet at The Forks Canopy/Tower Atrium area at 11:30 AM, organize and head off on our ‘Media Loop’ at 11:45 (led by Jason Carter, Keith Holm, myself and others) to ride across the Esplande Louis Riel Bridge to arrive at 12:00 at our usual Group Photoshoot on the East side of the Red River down from the St B Cathedral, where our very own Gregory McNeill will be waiting to capture our gathering and then we will ride south behind the St B Hospital to the Norwood Bridge and the “Green Bridge” back to The Forks.

There are then three riding route options:
SHORT “Hop, Skip & Jump”: Forks to the BDI Bridge and ‘Casa Fat Tom K’s Place’ for a “Chili-fest” pitstop. Route 8 kms via the Churchill Parkway with Lori and Tom K leading.

MEDIUM “When Ducks Skate”: Forks to the Assiniboine Park Duck Pond and back to the Forks, then south via the “Hop, Skip & Jump” Route to the “Chilli-fest” pitstop. Route is 26 kms to Tom K’s Place, with Keith Holm leading with assistance from Brian Dyck and Big “Lou”.

LONG “Barclay-Burchill-Gauld Maraton”: A special “Quest” Route designed and lead by Jason Carter. Route is 42 Kms and my take as long as 3 & 1/2 hours to return to the Forks (less for speedy and crafty folks), then south via the “Hop, Skip & Jump” Route to the “Chilli-fest” pitstop or via vehicle if you parked at the Forks.

This is a ‘Fat Bike’ event, so ideally you will be riding a fat bike (3.7 inch tire width +), however if you don’t have one yet, you have a few options:
1. Sign out a ‘Demo’ Fat Bike from a conveniently located Bike Shop – White Pine Bicycle Co (http://www.whitepinebicycleco.com/) located in the Forks Terminal Building. Brendan at WhitePine has offered them for free use in connection with our GFBD Ride and will be there at our 11:30 gathering.
2. Ride your MTB and we will welcome you to see what all the fatbiking fun is about … we know you want one! 🙂

Here’s the Press Release:winnipeg-global-fat-bike-day-2016-press-release-v3



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