Fattie Fun ahead on the Bur Oak Trail – Sunday 11 Dec 16 at 9AM &/or 1PM

Alrighty folks, there is some serious fattie fun to be had tomorrow, Sunday 11 Dec 2016, at BHP Park on the Bur Oak Trail and you have options to choose from or combine! 🙂

First up, Wayne Bishop and 2 Wheel Revolution are planning to be out at Bur Oak by 9:00 AM and packing-grooming the trail by various means (snowshoe and fatbike) until around 11:00-ish.   Then we are off to Pineridge Hollow for brunch at 11:30 to 12:30.  All fatbikers and/or supporters are welcome to join the trail work/riding and brunch.  Then we will head back to Bur Oak for more fun …

Second up, Jason Carter has been coordinating folks via our FBM FBook group to meet at Bur Oak at 1:00 PM for (I quote):
“Masters of Mud & Snow: Fat Levels Ride #6 – 
Sunday December 11 at 1:00 p.m. at Burr Oak Trail, in BHP.  Get ready for a completely different trail experience now that we have real snow! Bur Oak is smooth, fast and loads of fun in winter! The idea is to build skills for longer expeditions during the holidays.  BYO food, hot drink, and/or cash for post java brew.  Fat bikes only, please (borrow, don’t steal, one if you have to). Narrow tires (less than 3.0 inches – though 3.7 and more is ideal) can and usually do ruin soft snow trails.  Remember the Park Pass!!”  Btw, it looks like at least a ‘six-pack’ of fatties are already planning (says Fbook) to attend in the PM.

So come on out for some or all of the fun!

 If you haven’t experienced the sweet Bur Oak trail in the winter, check out our video from last year (even Cdn Cycling Magazine took notice!):

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