Having some Fatbike Fun Again: Thank You 2WR – Birch Race was Great!

Having fun again … we raced our fatbikes on the sweet flowing trails at Birch in the beautiful Pembina Valley … paused after the race to remember Alfred in silence and raised our glasses in his honour … then raised more glasses and enjoyed the spice of life!
Thanks Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill for this great picture and all your support bud!


Here’s G-Mac in action as viewed from my GoPro:

Birch Fatbike Race was awesome today!   Excellent flow, well groomed and yes, steep trails; along with great folks and good fun times! Thanks Wayne Bishop, 2WR and all the volunteers for making it a success … just what we all needed after a week plus of sadness after the tragic loss of our friend Alfred.

Leaders at race start






Gregory at finish line
G-Mac … always at the right spot at the right time!  Thanks bud! 🙂



My heart is still hurts, but my lungs and legs feel better and my soul is uplifted!  Thank you all for being such a great fatbiking community and terrific people!

Cheers, Fat Tom K



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