Amazing Finish of the 2018 Fat Viking Race in Norway: Nina Gassler Rocks it!

Our very own ‘Honorary’ Manitoba Fatbiker Nina Gassler (actually she is German, but is a ski instructor and fatbike tour operator in Geilo, Norway) has just accomplished a ‘for-real’ EPIC fatbike race accomplishment worthy of a VIKING!

Fat Viking 2018 Banner

Fat Viking 2018 Banner - Nina Gassler's Bike at finishline

Fat Viking 2018 Banner - Nina Gassler's GPS

She was the only racer to complete the full distance of the long course of the Fat Viking Winter Endurance Race in very difficult conditions (bad enough snowfall that most racers had to pull out or be re-routed to the finish via a short-cut)!

FV 2018 EQ Timing Plot - Nina Gassler Finished

Congratulations Nina, you truly are my German-Norwegian Fatbiking Hero! 

Cheers, Fat Tom K