Invite to Fatbike at the Forks and Kick-off Actif Epica: Fri & Sat Evenings 16/17 Feb

Posted for Wayne Bishop:

Come and hang out with a lot of awesome people as we kick off the Actif Epica with our Fat bike friends at the Forks . We have a Strava challenge for you, 850 M starting under the walking bridge.

Come celebrate the efforts of these amazing endurance athletes and the pilot grooming project put in motion By the legendary Alex Man.
Alex Man by Fatbike Trail near the Forks Feb 18

You might even see me on my SnowDog I used to groom the trail …14 Jan 18 - 2WR SnowDog on River Trail

Come have a rip and show your support of fat bike if at the Forks . 6:30-8:30pm Friday and Saturday Night 16/17 Feb 2018!
You can even buy someone a beer at the Common!