Actif Epica Race: Views from the Roving Responders

So with all my planning and preparations for upcoming fatbike adventures on Lake Winnipeg, I decided to not race Actif Epica this year and return to my Roving Responder role again. 

Lucky for me Steven Sloat (former AE fatbike racer) decided to come out from West Man to also support AE; so he stayed over at my place and we teamed up.

2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 0c
First up – the Actif Epica Pre-Race Meeting at the Forks the night before – no nervous folks there at all! 😉
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 0d
There’s Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill (fellow MB fatbiker & photographer extraordinaire, who decided to race on foot this year – 162 Kms!) and Steven Sloat (fellow Roving Responder).
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 0 copy
Roving Responder preparations are very detailed and ‘exhausting’ – so of course we needed to be well hydrated! 😉
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 0b
Good thing racers were also using GPS – mostly …
2018 AE - Cyclist 200 Start
Start of the 200 Km (new option for 2018) for the cyclists.
AE 2018 Race - XSM Ambulance, Truck & Snowmobile
The real ‘Safety Team’ Roving Responders was the Xtreme Sports Medics headed by Robert Paige (XSM President) and medics Kas & Natasha (who are also going to be out on Lake Winnipeg on 2-4 March for our “2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Crossing & Campover”.
AE 2018 Robert Paige - Xtreme Sports Medics Roving Responder
Here’s Robert Paige in action at one of AE’s Check Points (making sure all racers are doing well enough to continue safely)!
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 3
This when the roving responders and safety team are at their most important!
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 1
Here’s MB Fatbikers Dan Lockery & David Ristau (Finished 1st & 2nd the 200 Km Race!) riding off the Floodway to be met by Steven & me.
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 1b
Dan & David seemed very happy to see us after the long, completely dark and exposed section along Schapansky Road and the Floodway!
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 2
Here’s Ryan Haug (3rd 200 Km) stopping in for some Floodway hospitality.
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 4
Here’s Mb Fatbiker KC Turczak, who finished tied for 5th (200 Km) with fellow MB Fatbiker Pete McAdams (oops – no flash – no picture).
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 5
I snagged this picture collage from KC’s social media posts.  Very impressive KC! 🙂
AE 2018 Gregory Finish with Robert Xtreme Sports Medic
Think yer winter rugged tough?  Check out Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill finishing AE 162 Kms (yup, 100 miles!) on FOOT after pressing on for 34 Hrs & 51 Minutes!!!  Btw, that’s Roving Medic Robert Paige giving G-Mac congrats after keeping on eye on him for many hours!
2018 AE Roving Responder Pics 6
So what do two exhausted Roving Responders eat after AE?  A proper meal of course! 😉

Check out the full 2018 Actif Epica Race Results HERE

Cheers, Fat Tom K