CBC’s John Sauder interviews Fat Tom K before ‘Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Campout’

Robert Paige (President of Xtreme Sports Medics and our weekend Safety manager) got called away from town yesterday, so it was just me (and my Mr. Moonie) being interviewed by John Sauder doing a weather intro and talk about the 2018 ‘Alfred Barr’ Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover event, Fatbikes, the Alfred Barr Memorial part and how we will deal with any snow forecasted for the weekend (no biggy).

Mr Moonie at CBC

CBC’s John Sauder is great interviewer, a gentleman, a supporter of the RCAF (he has been an Honorary Colonel of 402 Sqn and 2 Cdn Air Division) and he appreciated the importance of the Alfred Barr Memorial aspect of the event.

Check out the video – Click the picture below or here (2 short ads first):
CBC News: Fatbikers head to middle of Lake Winnipeg for campout

CBC's John Sauder interviews Tom K before 2018 Lake Wpg Fatbike Campout - Pic copy

See you all out at one Lake Winnipeg this weekend for biking and camping on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (any or all days) … all rides head out from Grand Marais (Sand Bar Inn).

Cheers, Fat Tom K