Fat Video Time: “Cold Spokes” – Volunteer Fatbike Trail Grooming

WOW!  Check out this very inspiring video just released on YouTube called “Cold Spokes”, which tells the story of the volunteer trail groomers keeping the network of winter fatbike trails open for riding in Michigan, USA.

As they describe it:
“The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is home to roughly 80 miles of groomed [winter Fat Bike] trails. It is the largest network in North America. These trails exist thanks to the contributions of local land owners and government entities, and they thrive thanks to the volunteer efforts of a handful of dedicated hard working people.”


I must say this video has come along at a very pivotal time for me, as I am about to commit to some ‘soon to be announced’ endeavours in support of increased winter fatbike trail access and grooming, support to our growing local fatbike race series and for me personally to enable more Fatbike Adventures in Manitoba.

So, I too will soon join the ‘gang’ of Manitoban fatbikers who own one of these sweet rigs … the SnowDog,


It’s not hard for me to imagine these SnowDogs out on Lake Winnipeg … making recon trips and grooming a track:SnowDog Pic - 1

Plus hauling gear and or people as needed:
SnowDog Pic - 2

Here’s to more adventures and fun ahead … ‘Rolling our Fatties’! 🙂

Cheers, Fat Tom K