Fat Video Time: 2019 Fat Viking Race in Geilo, Norway

Check out this excellent Fat Viking Race Promo Video just made by Mattieu Leroux,  who I have been connecting with over the last few months about his plans to race the FV150 this year in Geilo, Norway, which is organized by Race Director and Fat Viking champion and my friend Nina Gassler (I did some fatbiking and bivy camping on Lake Winnipeg with her in 2016 and race the first FV175 in 2017):


The Fat Viking is an excellent Winter Endurance Race held in stunningly beautiful Geilo, Norway in very hilly terrain (big ski hills, lots of multi-use XC ski trails, etc) with usually lots of deep snow and challenging winter weather conditions.

Fat Viking Race 2019 Promo Video Banner 2

Race Director Nina Gassler has built a strong organizing team (The FatViking Society)!
Fat Viking Race 2019 Promo Video - Image 1

Are you ready for a Challenge worthy of a Viking?


Not sure yet?  Okay then, check out my little video from racing the 2017 FV175:

How about these maps and views from the race
(Btw January 2017 was a very unusually warm period in Geilo and so in the lower terrain it was very icy, so we all rode fully studded tires and needed studs on our boots as well!  Last year they had tons of snow before and during the race!):

Fat Viking 175 - Maps View

Fat Viking 175 - Vertical View

2017 FV 175 Pic 1

2017 FV 175 Pic 17

2017 FV 175 Pic 2b

2017 FV 175 Pic 4

2017 FV 175 Pic 5

2017 FV 175 Pic 6

2017 FV 175 Pic 8

2017 FV 175 Pic 10

2017 FV 175 Pic 12

That’s what I thought … of course you are ready!

Links here:


Cheers, Fat Tom K (1st year addition Fat Viking)