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Fatter-Lust … The Moonlander has landed!

Fat Tom K’s Post:

So last Wednesday Nite Ride took us to my favourite bike shop (Olympia C&S on Portage of course) and what do think we got to see there in all it’s recently assembled FATTER magnificence??? …

The Surly Moonlander!   Oh yah, let the Fatter-Lust begin:

Moonlander 1
Check out the ‘Moondust’ sparkles in the paintjob!

Moonlander 2
The Full Rig
Moonlander 3
Need more floatation???
Moonlander 4
Check out all 4.7 inch Big Fat Larrys
Moonlander 5
Mounted on the 100mm wide CLOWN SHOE rims

Moonlander 6Fatter Moonlander and the Fat Pugsley … I might just have to get fatter 😉