Trouble in Ottawa

Fat MuddyGuy’s Post:

Looks like our Capital is in need of FATBIKE education. Share the trail. This is Canada in the winter. I’d hate to be told FATBIKES are not welcome anywhere in Winterpeg.
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Remember to be a FATBIKE ambassador all the time. I caught myself disobeying a traffic sign while on my fatbike. Mental note was made.

This sport is new. And as much as we love it, there are people who hate and try to tear down something new because it is new and most likely different. Let’s not give them an inch, give them several feet. In fact stop riding all together to give the walkers the option of walking or waiting for you to ride past.

I stopped to let a couple walk past. They said carry on. I said pedestrians have the right of way. They smiled to each other and waved me through. Most of the winter enthusiasts are just like us. But don’t assume. I would hate to see politics or an accident on the trail paint an X on all our backs. There are many generations of FATRIDERS to come. Let’s usher in this new sport in a humble manner. Remember this is not cycling…this is FATBIKING!