WNR and this Saturday

Fat KC’s Post:

First off, my condolences to the family and friends of Marty H.

Also, again thanks to all involved re: Epica.  WAS A BLAST!  …To those of you who missed it – give it a go next yr (solo/ team/ volunteer) you’ll have a blast too.

Any interest in a ride tomorrow (Wednesday) night?  Wherever.  I have a new seat (my seat broke during last wks ride) and will have a freshly charged light.

Thoughts re: a Saturday ride?  “I just wanna ride.”  Something local/ urban; something different.  I still haven’t ridden the Assiniboine Forest and have not been to Beaudry Park.  I’m also interested in a Red River ride (see previous posts) or another Lake Wpg ride.  20 – 80 kms…whatever works for people.  I was also thinking about Pinawa.  Snoman  trails exiting northeast section of town are shared between sleds, hikers and skiers.  Could do a bit of a fat bike loop there too.