Grand Beach Fat Bike Throw Down #2: More awesomeness in pictures!

Fat Tom K Productions

Well, since we had such a blast cruising our fatties on the rolling Grand Beach trails on Throw Down #1, we headed back out there this past Sunday for Throw Down #2 … upping the ante with a potluck feast after!  Fatbiking and Bacon … they just seem perfect together!  It was a bit warmer; so we started sooner to maximize the firm snow conditions and all was well.
All was well that is … until we were ‘photo ambushed’ by Greg McNeill.
Sorry guys, ‘sneaky’ Greg got me to give up our trail secrets.
Greg's Photo-Ambush 1 Greg's Photo-Ambush 3

Greg's Pics 1 Photo Credit: Gregory McNeill

Check out Greg’s handy work here:
Greg’s – ‘Rocky Mountain Hiker Part Deux’ Photostream

*UPDATE:  Check out Greg’s article in Community News Common:
A little known piece of Manitoba Paradise

Check out my GoPro screen caps here:

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