‘Fattie Frozen Dozen’ – Tracking Bur Oak Trail

Tom Kolesnik’s Post:

Oh that was fun!  As Wayne Bishop of2 Wheel Revolutionput it: “Love the work ethic …. -25 windchill not a problem, hiking holes on the trail not a problem, 6 km loops not a problem . Packing the loop with a dozen fatties never a problem! Great community effort!”

Here a few of my GoPro screencaps … video in the works.

Greg Carrigan framed by the sun and snow kicked up by my ‘Bud’ tire!

The track was quite narrow (about two tire widths) for our first few laps, but totally rideable and a blast! With more riders following, Bur Oak should be in perfect condition by now … so giddy up Fatties – let ride 🙂