New Year’s La Salle River Fattie Ride

Tom Kolesnik’s Post:

What better way to ring in 2016 than a great fat bike ride on the La Salle River!
Jason Carter was out for a long pre-Tuscobia training ride, making his way from in Winnipeg down to St Norbert and onto the La Salle riding west.
I met up with my old riding buddy/new fat biker Brian Dyck, plus Dallas Sigurdur and Dan Lockery, who were finishing their own out & back on the La Salle from La Barriere Park. We three rode to La Barriere on our own, except for a few friendly snowmobilers (thanks for packing the river folks :-)). 

Brian and I continued on the shore trails east of the dam (open water for a few kms) and met up with Jason. The ride back to La Salle on the reverse route was uneventful, except for the crisp bright scenery and Jason’s tales of Tuscobia preparations and an every increasing weight to his rig! 😉