Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover: 25-26 Feb 2017 – We’re a Go!

So, if you’ve heard rumours of some fatties planning to sleep out on the middle of Lake Winnipeg … their true and we are a GO!

‘Behind the scenes’ a group of six of us local fatbikers have been planning a new adventure to take our previous fatbike crossings of Lake Winnipeg (as part of Jeff & Candy Badger’s annual “Polar Bear Run/Bike Crossings”) to another level of planning, coordination and challenge.

Gregory's Polar Bear Crossing 2016 Pics 1b
At least four of the guys in this pic from our 2016 Lake Wpg Polar Bear Crossing will be on our upcoming Crossing & Campover.

The result is that our core Planning Team has a plan and 4-6 more riders are joining us.  It looks like there will be 10-12 of us – including Bradley, an American from NY (who I met last year when he was taking part in a fatbike training camp on Lake Wpg).

So … we will take on the first (Annual?) of the following adventure:

The “Lake Winnipeg Fatbike Crossing & Campover” on Sat/Sun 25-26 Feb 2017.
– We will have several guides/experienced fatbikers in our group and I will be Lead Guide for our adventure.
– We will do this as a cooperative activity.
– We will be using the ‘Closed to Snowmobiles’, but still marked “Snowman #17 “Piston Popper” Snowmobile Trail from Grand Marais to Gimli (approx 35 Kms) and riding back to the center of the lake to campover.

2017 Lake Wpg FB Crossing & Campover Map -Snowman #17 Trail

– We will have the support of several snowmobiles (or quads depending on the snow depth on the lake) thanks to Kevin Champagne and his Brother Peter – thanks guys!

– We have received some sponsorship support from MEC Winnipeg  in the form of camp meals and snacks!  Thanks MEC – always good to have extra food on hand!
MEC Winnipeg MEC Meals 1

– I have also received sponsorship support from Wilderness Supply in Winnipeg, that has allowed me to acquire the Big Agnes 6-Person 4-Season Tent for use on this and future adventures. Just used it on the river behind my house – a nice base camp tent:
Fat Tom K's 6-Person Tent on Red River
Thanks Wilderness Supply – you rock!
Wilderness Supply
– Thanks to one of our Planning Team members Alfred Barr (local fatbiker – who is also an RCAF SAR Tech at 435 Squadron based in Winnipeg) we will also have the use of an Iridium Sat Phone!  Thanks Alfred, but I hope you don’t mind us calling for pizza delivery! 😉
Sat Phone

– Some of us will be riding with fully loaded bikes:
Fat Tom K Loaded Bike at Hecla

– Others will use ‘Pulk’ sleds behind their bikes (like Ken just made for this trip):
Ken Stojak's Fatbike Pulk

– While we will be bringing meals to cook on the lake and extras, we do plan to enjoy a hardy breakfast at the Sand Bar Inn in Grand Marais on Saturday before we start and a lunch on Sunday on our return.  We also are planning a late lunch at Kris Fish & Chips in Gimli (owner’s Jeff & Candy Badger have promised a free first drink – thanks you two!).

– Our very own fatbiker-photographer extraordinaire Gregory ‘G-Mac’ McNeill will be riding with us and snapping pictures that will no doubt make us look even more adventurous than we will be …

Gregory's Polar Bear Crossing 2016 Pics 3
Yup – Photo Credit to G-Mac! 🙂

– We are doing this adventure as a ‘simple – but well planned‘ and cooperative adventure.  We will work as a team and make it a fun and safe adventure.

This is going to be a blast! 🙂

Any questions or interest, you can contact me at:

Cheers, Fat Tom K