Actif Epica: Final Update from the trail

Posted for the Actif Epica Trail Crew:

“Final update from the trail:

We were out marking the approach into the city last night starting at the lead up to the floodway. Snow cover was firm enough to drive part way down the road. The opposite end near hwy 200 is walk-in only so we hiked along the South side of the floodway, driving in stakes as far as the Crow Wing Trail signs. The trail has plenty of foot traffic near the public parking lot. Further East we encountered less foot traffic and were punching through the snow in places. You can expect the floodway to have a mix of soft and firm footing although the warm weather may result in more of the former.

Snow in the city has been melting and the forecast for Saturday is suggesting near or above freezing during the day with some cooling overnight but warming up again on Sunday. This is shaping up to be one of the mildest event days we have had in a few years but don’t worry, that brings its own set of challenges.

Two more sleeps! See you soon.

Trail Crew”

Actif Epica 2017 Final Trail Update Pic

See you all out there on the AE Trail.

Cheers, Fat Tom K